You Guys Are The Best

Gabriella's mom is One Direction's hairstylist, so that means Gabriella could hang out with One Direction. She can't wait until her mom starts working with them!


8. Lunch

We all decided to stop by Taco Bell for lunch. We all put on our disguises and ran inside. We ordered and got our cups and filled it with drinks at the soda fountain. We took a seat by the window.

We noticed that the table beside us had 4 teenage girls with either One Direction t-shirts or One Direction bracelets.

"You better not take off your hood this time, Harry!" my mum told Harry. We all laughed.

The girls beside us looked as my mum and Harry and wondering if she was talking to the real Harry or not. At that time, we all panicked but the girls just shrugged their shoulders and returned to talking. We all let out our breaths.

A few minutes later, we went back to the counter to get our trays and went back to our table. Guess what Niall has this time? 2 burritos, Mexican rice, 1 Doritos Locos taco and Supreme Nachos!

I know Harry likes tacos, so he ordered 3 tacos. I started munching on my nachos.

I overheard the girls' conversation beside us. I was the closest to them so I could hear better.

The girl in the short blonde hair said, "Oh! Yeah, guys, guess what I found out?"

A girl in long black hair replied, "What?"

"Liam's Payne blood type is..." the girl in blonde hair started off. Liam heard his name and quickly turned to the girls. 

"OMG. You found out Liam's blood type?!" A girl in medium brown hair exclaimed. That got the rest of our attention to the girls. Liam mumbled something to himself but I couldn't hear what he said.

"His blood type is AB," the blondie said. Liam rolled his eyes. We stopped listening to their conversation and starting having our own conversation.

"Liam, did you hear that?" Harry whispered to Liam. I think one of the girls heard Harry and quickly turned around and eyed Harry. Only me and Niall noticed. We kind of started to panic. 

"Yes. I am freaked out!" Liam said.

I heard the girls' talking again. "Hey, guys, did you hear them?" one of the girls said as she eyed our table. "There's a dude named Harry and Liam over there, do you think its them!?"

"I don't know, Tracy. Let me check on Twitter to see if one of the boys tweeted anything about staying in Dallas."

We all quickly eyed Niall and Harry, they both usually tweet about where they are. Harry shook his head meaning he didn't tweet anything. Niall's eyes widened. That must've been a yes.

We hurried up and finished our food, and ran outside. I heard a girl, "YES YES YES. Niall tweeted that he was enjoying some tacos and guess where we are? TACO BELL! Hurry!" I looked behind me, the 4 girls we running towards us.

"RUN!" Louis yelled. "RUN RUN RUN!"

We came up to the taxi and pulled on the handles. It's locked. Zayn looked into the drivers window, "HE'S SLEEPING!" He started banging on the window and we all did too. The driver shook awake and started the car. We kept pulling on the handles.

"This way!" One of the girls shouted. They were getting closer. Then the driver unlocked the doors and we all hurried in and closed the door and locked it. Niall didn't close the door fast enough, the girls ran to Niall's door and pulled the door open.

We panicked. The driver suddenly pulled out a gun and passed it to Niall. It was a water gun. Niall shot the girls and they ran away. He closed the door and locked it.

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