You Guys Are The Best

Gabriella's mom is One Direction's hairstylist, so that means Gabriella could hang out with One Direction. She can't wait until her mom starts working with them!


3. Leaving Home


I slowly opened my eyes. It took me a few seconds to realize where I was. I was in the guest room. My mum was on the other twin bed next to me. I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. I remember that we were leaving for the tour this afternoon.

I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. I dried and combed through my wavy dark brown hair. I held up the tips of my hair. Recently, I had dip-dyed my hair blonde, so it's brown on the top and blonde on the tips.

I slipped on some white skinny jeans and my undergarments,  a red A&F shirt with red high tops.

When I got into the bedroom, I noticed mum was still asleep. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, it was Harry.

"Oh! You're already ready. Haha," Harry said

"Yep!" I said.

"Well, don't forget that we're leaving in 3 hours. Wake up your mum for me please."

"Okay, Harry" I replied and then he left. After I woke mum up, I went down and saw that Harry was frying bacon, sausages and eggs. Yum! He heard me walking in and he turned around and smiled.

"Top of the morning to you, Gabby!" Harry greeted.

I had to laugh! "Top of the morning to you too, Harry!" I replied.

"You hungry?"

"Yeah, thanks." I sat down as Harry brought me a big plate with bacon, sausages and eggs. "Thanks Harry!"

As I started digging in, Liam entered the kitchen. "Morning Gabby, morning mate." Harry handed Liam his breakfast and he sat down.

A few minutes later, Zayn and Louis entered together. They sat down to their food. Zayn didn't had any sausages though.

As I was putting away my plate, Niall entered the room and said, "I smell foooood!" Harry handed Niall the biggest plate with a lot of food then most of us. Of course. Niall starting gobbling on his breakfast.

My mum entered and Harry handed her a plate and she sat down with the boys to eat her breakfast.

As we finished breakfast, we got ready to bring our luggages and bags to the van and headed to the airport. As we boarded on the plane, most of us fell asleep. I was awake for the first hour or so but then I fell asleep.

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