You Guys Are The Best

Gabriella's mom is One Direction's hairstylist, so that means Gabriella could hang out with One Direction. She can't wait until her mom starts working with them!


6. Interview

I woke up to the voice of my mum's.

"Wake up Gabriella, we're about to leave in 20 minutes." my mum told me.

"Where are we going?" I asked my mum as I rubbed my eyes.

"Just get ready first and I'll tell you!" I got out of bed and brushed my teeth and took a shower. I decided to curl my hair and put on some purple denim shorts and a lacy pink Hollister tank. I slipped on a pair of my brown leather sandals and headed outside. I saw my mum, Paul, Liam and Harry out in the halls.

My mum whispered to me, "Would you like to go to the beauty supply shop with me or the radio station with the boys for their interview?". I had to think for a moment, I really wanted to go with the boys but I didn't want to leave my mom go shopping alone.

"You can go with the boys if you want, I don't mind." my mom said cheerfully.

"Really!?" I said with a smile on my face.

"Yes." my mum replied.

"Morning!" Paul greeted.

"Good morning!" Liam and Harry greeted.

"Morning you guys" I said.

"Good morning." my mum said.

A few minutes later, the rest of the boys showed up and we headed to the beauty supply shop. My mom left the taxi and we headed to the 106.1 KISS FM radio station.

As we arrived to the station, we went all ran outside. Paul sat down on a sofa outside of the station.

This man greeted us, "Boys! I've been waiting for you; and who do we have here?" he said looking at me and shaking my hand.

"Oh, she's our hair stylist's daugher" replied Harry.

"Nice to meet you... uhhh" he said.

"Gabriella, but you can call be Gabby" I finished for him.

Soon, I learned that he was Kidd Kraddick. We soon were live and the interview was starting.

"Good morning folks, how y'all doing?" Kidd spoke into the mic. "Guess who have here on the station?"

"Hello" the boys all said unto their mics.

"Yes, we have One Direction on air!" Kelly said into the mic.

All I was doing was just standing behind Niall's chair. I rather not be in the interview because, well, I'm not One Direction. Haha.

"Okay, this is what we are going to do for the interview" Kidd said. He handed Kelly, the boys and even me a balloon. "Hold the balloons tightly guys! The balloons are not tied. Okay, so a person is going to call us and ask you guys one question and one of you guys have to sip some helium from the balloon and answer the question into the mic. Sounds good?"

"Yes!" the boys shouted.

"Even me?" I asked.

"Yes, you Gabby. " Kidd told me.

Niall turned around and me that I can share a seat with him. But Kelly dragged a chair towards me and so me and Niall could only share a mic.

"Okaaaaaay folks, if you would like to ask One Direction a question, please call (214) 787-1061 right now!" Kelly spoke into the mic. Right away, the phone started ringing. Kidd picked it up and put it on speaker.

"Hello. Kidd Kraddick speaking."

"Oh my gosh... okay.. my question is ... If you could only eat one thing, (get it)? Haha.. anyways... if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Liam sucked some helium and said "Well, I would eat chocolate for the rest of my life." I laughed because he sounded funny. Then other people laughed too.

Then Harry sucked some helium and said "I would eat tacos for the rest of my life". We all laughed again.

It was Niall's turn to answer. He took a big sip out of the balloon and spoke into the mic, "If I was to only eat one think for the rest of me life, I would eat NANDOS!!" We laughed really hard at that.

After the rest of the boys answered, it was my turn! I sipped some helium out of my balloon and started talking into the mic. "I would eat chicken for the rest of my life." Since I was a girl, I was very high pitched so everybody laughed really hard.

The next question was "If you can change anything about yourself, what would you change?"

Niall sipped some helium and answered "My teeth". Everybody laughed because stretched out the "e" in teeth.

Harry sipped some helium and answered "My ears."

"Why?" Kidd asked.

"Because they are so little, no one can see them." Harry replied after sipping some helium.

"You would make them bigger? Wierd." Then everybody started laughing.

After a few more questions, Kidd asked the boys about their tour. 20 more minutes, the interview was over and we walked out the door and saw Paul. He was reading a magazine.

Then we walked outside through the double doors and went onto the taxi and drove to the beauty supply shop to pick up my mum. Then we went to go eat breakfast at Denny's.

I ordered white chocolate pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries then the rest ordered. When your food came out, I saw Niall's plate, or should I say PLATES. He had a plate of 4 blueberry pancakes, another plate with 4 bacon slices and 3 sausages. On another plate was 3 eggs. The last plate had grits and 1 more egg! I don't know why is he always hungry.

I was the first one to finish my breakfast so I went to the restroom to fix my hair and clothes. Then I used it and washed my hands and walked outside and met up with the rest. We got into the taxi and went to the Dallas Galleria Mall for a little concert.

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