You Guys Are The Best

Gabriella's mom is One Direction's hairstylist, so that means Gabriella could hang out with One Direction. She can't wait until her mom starts working with them!


5. Dinner

Me and my mum took turns using the shower.  I changed into red skinny jeans and a white flowy tank top. I put on some brown leather sandals and put my hair into a messy bun. I slipped on my gray Aeropostale hoodie.

After me and my mum was ready, we walked out of our hotel room and saw that Paul was already ready also.

After a few minutes, Liam and Louis walked out of their hotel rooms. All we needed to wait for was Niall, Harry and Zayn. Soon Niall walked out and we decided what to eat for dinner. Paul didn't want anything fancy so we chose McDonald's. Harry came out 2 minutes later.

"Hey. Zayn is fixing his hair, guys," Harry said. We all had to laugh at that. A minute passed and Liam went up to Zayn's hotel room and knocked on it.

"ZAYN. Hurry up!" Harry yelled from behind Liam.

"Sorry! I'm almost got it." Zayn shouted from inside the room. A few seconds later, Zayn finally came out. "Haha Sorry mates."

We all walked to the elevator and Paul pressed the "Lobby" button.

We quietly waited. "Niall farted," Louis stated out of nowhere.

"Eeeew" me and Liam said.

"NO I DIDN'T LOUIS!" Niall shouted.

"YES YOU DID" Louis shouted back.

"NO I DID-" Niall started, but Paul cutted off the boys.

"STOP IT YOU TOO" Paul yelled.

"But I didn't ..." Niall said quietly. I didn't smell anything bad so I'm guessing Louis lied.

As the elevator stopped and the doors opened, we all went outside and got onto a taxi. It was the same taxi as before.

"We're going to McDonald's!" Paul told the driver and the driver took off. The boys slipped on their hoods again. I also put on my hood too. My mum didn't put on sunglasses because it was nighttime and she would look ridiculous with sunglasses on.

I ordered a cheeseburger and small fries. As the rest ordered, I filled my cup with Pepsi and sipped on it. As our food was served, we picked a table and started eating. I looked at Niall, he was eating two Big Macs with large fries!

Harry was getting too hot and made a bad idea taking off his hood. Two teenage girls beside us started saying "OMG. HARRY STYLES!?" They took a closer look at the rest of us. "ONE DIRECTION AND PAUL HIGGINS!?" screamed the girls. Then they looked at me and said "Who are YOU?" then they just stared at my mum. They took out their phones and took a picture of us and opened Twitter on their phones.

"Oh no. We better run." said Liam.

We all grabbed out burgers, fries and drinks and ran towards the door and into the taxi. We got in and locked the doors and rolled up the windows. The two girls ran towards out taxi and started banging on the windows. "DRIVE, driver, DRIVE!" Louis shouted from behind us. My mum was just staring at the girls like how the girls were staring at her. Haha.

The driver slowly backed up carefully to not run over the girls and headed to the road. The girls ran after us but couldn't catch up when we were on the road. PHEW. That was close!

"WOAH. That was WAY TOO CLOSE!" Harry said.

"Yeah, thanks to YOU, Harry." Zayn said.

"Well SORRY. I was getting sweaty." Harry replied.

"Its okay mate." Niall said and patted Harry's back.

We headed to the hotel. As we got out we quickly ran inside, to the elevator and to our hotel rooms. We all said good night to each other and went inside our hotel rooms. I changed into bright green silk shorts and a purple tank top and jumped into bed. I fell asleep.

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