You Guys Are The Best

Gabriella's mom is One Direction's hairstylist, so that means Gabriella could hang out with One Direction. She can't wait until her mom starts working with them!


7. Concert at the Mall

As we tried to push through the crowd into the mall, Paul kept yelling the fans to back off. We finally got to the center of the mall where the boys were going to perform. When everybody was settled, my mum and Paul sat down on the front row. We got front row seats! Niall moved a microphone towards his guitar and another microphone towards his mouth.

Niall start playing his guitar. Zayn started off the song. They were singing Little Things. In the middle of the song, I took a picture of them. Then Niall went somewhere else and came back without his guitar. Some music started playing from the stereos. They were singing the song Live While We're Young.

Some girls started singing along. Then when the boys were done, Paul led us over to the boys and we all sat down at a table and in front of us was a long, long, long line. I'm guessing the boys were doing a signing. There was stacks of the Take Me Home CD, and stacks of different mini posters of One Direction. Each of the boys took out Sharpies and the first 5 people got to pass the velvet rope.

They all got either a Take Me Home CD or a mini poster. Both items got to be signed by the boys. I was sitting there thinking that this was going to take forever, there was like, 500 people in the line! While I was waiting, I took out my phone and put on some earbuds and starting listening to Pandora.

The song Die Young by Kesha was playing. In the middle of the song, this girl with long blonde hair came up to me and said something, I couldn't hear because my earbuds were on.

I took them off and said, "Sorry, I wasn't listening, can you say that again please?"

"Are you Gabriella?" she asked me.

"Yes." I answered.

"Can I have your autograph?" she asked.

I stared at her like she was just kidding or something. I'm not even famous! I'm just sitting there wondering if she was for real or not. "Um, sorry, can you say that again?" I asked, making sure that I heard that right.

"Can I have your autograph?" she asked again.

"Yes but why? I'm not ever famous." I replied.

"But you were on Kiss FM with One Direction this morning, you were on the radio, you were on air. Everybody who was listening to Kiss FM knows who you are now."

"Well, I guess that makes me famous?"

She handed me a Take Me Home CD and I signed it under Harry's signature. I passed it to the girl and said "Here you go!"

"Oh my gosh. Thank you sooo much."

"Your welcome" I put back on my earbuds and the Die Young song was ending and the song This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepsen was starting.

20 minutes passed and 11 people had asked me for my autograph. I looked at Paul on my right. He had to give a lot of autographs! My mum tapped my shoulder. I turned around.

"Would you like to go shopping for awhile, while the boys are signing?" my mum asked. I nodded my head eagerly because I was getting tired of sitting for a long time.

An hour passed and I went to 9 stores. I had bought a navy striped sweater, a black and pink hoodie, a new pair of black sandals, 3 shorts, and 3 lacy tanks, like the one I am wearing right now except different colors.

Me and my mum went back to the signing place, it looked like about 400 people now. Some people stopped us. "Hey, no cutting!" Paul saw that we were having some trouble and came over to help us get back to the table. As I passed Louis, he said "Did you buy anything for me!?" .

Oh no! I should've bought something for the boys. "Shoot! Sorry Louis, I'll go back and buy something for you and the boys."

"No! No! I'm just kidding." he quickly said.

"No, I'm going to buy something for you guys!"

"Okay... if you want to."

I walked over to my mum who was already sitting down and said "Mum, lets go buy something for the boys and Paul." She agreed with me and went around the mall.

After another hour of shopping, I found the perfect items for the boys and Paul. We bought a shirt for Niall that said "I Love Food". For Liam, we bought him a shirt with a big green spoon on it and printed the words "I Love Spoons". For Zayn, we bought him a red snapback. For Louis, we bought him a pigeon plushie. For Harry, we bought him a taco squishy. For Paul is Ray Ban sunglasses.

Me and my mum found our way through the crowd and back to the signing table. I held the bags and decided to give it to the boys in the car.

The line seemed like it only had about 200 people left.

After 3 more long hours, we all made our way to the taxi and took off. I gave each of them their gifts one at a time.

First I gave Paul his sunglasses and he said thank you and put them on instantly.

Then I gave Louis is pigeon plushie. He said it and yelled out "KEVIN!" We all laughed. "Now Kevin will always be with me!" He hugged 'Kevin' tightly.

I have Niall his shirt. He loved it. "I really do love food! How do you know!?" I stared at him like he was dumb or something.

I ignored his question and gave Harry his present. He yelled out "TACOS!!" He pretended to take a bite out of the taco and everybody laughed.

I gave Zayn his snapback and he said "Thank you! Yay, more snapbacks" and he made a goofy face and said "VAS HAPPENING!?" which made everybody laugh.

Then lastly, I gave Liam his spoon shirt. "I LOVE SPOONS??" he read out loud. "I don't like spoons! I'm scared of spoons!" he exclaimed.

Everybody laughed and I said, "That's what makes it so funny!" He laughed too and said "Thanks. I really like it."


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