You Guys Are The Best

Gabriella's mom is One Direction's hairstylist, so that means Gabriella could hang out with One Direction. She can't wait until her mom starts working with them!


4. Arriving in America

I was waking up as the plane landed. We were in Dallas, TX. As I got off the plane with my mum, the boys and Paul, a lot of girls were screaming and trying to get to One Direction. But good thing Paul was there to protect us and the boys. We finally got through the crowd and papparazi, and we got onto the taxi. It was a van so we could all fit. I sat between Louis and my mom.

We got to the Ritz Carlton hotel. Phew, there wasn't a crowd here because they didn't know where One Direction was going to stay at. The boys put on the hoodies and put on the hoods on their heads and sunglasses and started getting out of the taxi.

Zayn passed me a hoodie. "You might need this Gabriella." He told me.

"Why? But I'm not even famous!"

"Some crazy stalker fans probably knows what you look like and that you're with us."

"Okay." I slipped on the hoodie and put on the hood. My mum was behind me with sunglasses on. We quickly ran inside through the door and ran to the reception desk.

"Yes, how may I help you guys?" asked the man behind the counter.

"I'm Paul Higgins and I booked 4 rooms for six days," said Paul.

"Oh yes, let me look you up. What is your name again, sir?" replied the man behind the counter. His name tag said "Richard".

"Paul Higgins".

"Thank you sir," said Richard. We waited patiently on the comfy sofas in the lobby. We kept our hoods and sunglasses on just in case there was papparazi or fans. Paul didn't have anything to disguise with so he just covered up his face with his hands.

When Richard finally got our rooms ready, he gave Paul 4 cards and told him, our rooms were on the 8th floor. We rushed to the elevator and when we got onto the 8th floor, Paul gave my and my mum one card, Niall and Harry one card, Zayn, Liam and Louis a card and he kept a card for him. On the cards, there was a sticker that read our room numbers. Me and my mum walked around to find room number 812.

We found out that all our rooms with across and beside each other. As we unlocked the door, we got in and got ready for dinner.

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