Erase my past.

Niall Horan love story.(: duhhhhh


2. more like chapter one... haha.(:

*October 18 2010*
"Heey Kenz did you unpack that shipment from Saturday.?" I asked my BestFriend as she walked in to the cafe from the shop. "Yup." She said with a smile on her face. "Where do you think I got this jacket." "Mackenzie.!" "Hahaha don't call me that." She smiled then walked back over to the shop to attend to some costumers that had just walked in. I pour a double shot mocha late for Josh. One of our regulars. Also my best guy friend. "Hey Josh." I slid the cup infront of him. "What's the pout for?" "Annabel broke up with me." " oh josh! I told you from the begining you could do better." I gave a grief smile at him and rubbed him shoulder and walked over to the shop. "Hey kenzie. I got the next one, go talk to josh." "Oh gee wiz, is the poor boy heart broken." She joked. "Be nice." I smiled and she walked... More like pranced away, haha. I looked at our sales and started tapping my pen when two guys walked in. "Heey guys welcome to galaxy, cafe is of there sign up sheet for poetry slam is on that wall. The sheet for open mic is next to it. How can I help you.?" I said ending with a smile. "And how many time have you said that this week.?" The curly haired one said. "To many to count." I said grinning. "So what do you need.?" I asked. "Ill take a latte.? I'm harry by the way" the same one who talked before said. "Kenzie.! Harry wants a late.!" I smiled at him and he turned and walked over to the cafe. "And you.?" I asked the second boy. "I need a makeover.? At least that's what my sister said. She told me to Come here." "Who's your sister.?" "She's not my real sister... She's my best friend, Annabel." "Ohhhhh. I got you." I said smirking "josh.! Watch the shop.!! Hit it Brantley.!" I yelled to my brother who started my cd and turned it full blast. I let the music take over me and I just went with it. About 20 minutes or more later I had put him in skinnys a fuck you t-shirt and a really sexy jean jacket that me and Kenz made about a week ago. I walked him over to the cafe and turned down my music some. " what do you think Kenz?" She turned around from josh laughing.

Zayn POV-
woah. When she turned it was like the whole world went in slow motion. "Think of what" she said then she looked me up and down. " I like it. You gave kind of a bad boy look." She smiled and blushed. "Harry go flirt with the other chick some more." I whispered to one of my best mates. With no hesitation he was off and was to talk with one of the most gorgeous girls I think I have ever seen.

(Oh and this is kind of and niall and zayn love story so yea.(: )
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