Erase my past.

Niall Horan love story.(: duhhhhh


1. Prolog.?

It was a regular day at Kenzie and myself's shop down on Maine and Anndell. It's an a shop were people bring in old clothes that are kind of messed up, some torn. We fix them up and add stuff to it and sell it. We do personal orders and stuff. Thats how we met Zayn and Niall and of course the rest of the boys. Today you know them as one direction. Back then they were just five kids on x factor. I was 16 and kenzie was 15 turning 16 in about a week when we met them. Our shop isn't a normal everyday clothes shop. We have a cafe built into with a small stage for performances by locals trying to get a career started. We also have a poetry slam every other Friday. Well I'm gonna tell you about me and Kenz sine you know about the boys already.

Caroline Rhian(rain) Fitzgerald here.!(:
I love music, its my life. Boys are cool to.... Boys.(:
My friends consider me a hipster but I don't see it.(:
I'm 16, a singer, not famous..... Yet.(:
and ready to mingle. Haha.:D
Like I said I love singing, and dancing.
I take a lot of pictures.
I'm a science nerd.!
I want to major in collage in forensic anthropology.(:
Sooooo yea.(:

Mackenzie Rhiannon Milles.
Don't call me Mackenzie.
Call me kenzie.(:
I think Carly if defo hipster she's just in denial.(:
I consider myself more.... Mainstream. Haha
I love music and galaxy pictures haha
I'm a photographer.
And a dancer.(:
I'm 16... Well... Will be in a week and three days.(:
Bye.!<3 xx
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