My Life

Hi guys! So I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now, and I've decided to create my own online diary! Each day (I may not be able to update every day) I'm going to try and write a diary entry for each day! I hope you enjoy!


1. Tuesday 20th November 2012

Dear diary,

TIRED is not the word. Okay I have to get up each day at 6.50am to go to my friends house then breakfast club. (It's probably my own fault I'm tired because I sneakily watched I'm a celebrity last night on my iPad! Shhhh) Yesterday our teacher Mrs Wlkinson around the end of the day said that the evening gazette were coming into school and that we needed to look smart. So all that night after school I was practising buns (the latest trend in our school) and I like totally FAILED lol.
So this morning bright and early, I went to Zoe's house. We were messing around in her room and playing with her gorgeous hamster Luna which she recently got. Then we went off to school and on the way a man who lives in her street had his dogs out, he had two westies and I'm not quite sure what the other breed was. But they were jumping up on us and we were stroking them. But me being a little bit scared of dogs I was like... Errr Zoe help me! Lol. When we got to school we were the 3rd people there. Sophie t was there and Amber from a younger class were already there. At breakfast club I had toast with jam and butter (so did Zoe ) then we went over to the other table and weirdly we were all singing the wrap to va va voom and the new girls aloud song. Dunno why! Next we went into our class rooms for mental maths ( maths is my enemy) oh joy section c full of decimals and fractions. HELP! Today for literacy ( I love literacy ❤) we had to do a family tree of princess Diana, it was rock hard! And later on in the week we have to study a certain celebrity for a biography which we are getting levelled on. I am doing Kristen Stewart she is amazing! Then YAY playtime! BUT IM PLAYGROUND FRIENDS! Grr we have to look after the little kids when we are playground friend , it may sound good but trust me its WORSE! I love our group of playground friends though! When our lousy 15 min of break was over we rushed inside greeted with maths! We must be doing the easiest thing in maths ever Mode, Median and range. Then it was lunch! We went in for early lunch as I was playground friend and I got 2 tuna sandwiches and what they call potatoes. It was in edible I didn't eat anything! Then another hour of playtime of playground friends. I looked all over for the other year 6 girls and I finally found then in the ................ TOLIETS! They were turning the lights off and saying in the mirrors Grey lady grey lady I stole your grey baby. It was really freaky because as soon as the lights turned off the door opened............ EVERYONE SCREAMED! We got into trouble oh well.
Then after a distressing lunch (lol) we came into the class room and we are doing art! But with Mrs Stainthorpe. As we are learning about the Romans we were designing roman shields on cardboard ( very professional NOT) when school finished around three I was just about to walk out and a boy from our year was waiting at the blue table with my friends Emilies brother. Baring in mind Emilies brother is 5, he was telling him to say bye fatty to me. HE ALWAYS TARGETS ME BUT WHY!? SO I CALLED HIM A TREE (I dnt have good comebacks) lol on the bright side we are going on a trip tomorrow to somewhere I have been a million and one times! AND IT'S ZOE'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW ZOE! (I will say happy birthday tomorrow) bye!
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