You're Not Alone

A romantic tragedy that is about a girl called Sophie and a boy called Jerry who are werewolves. They are getting hunted down and the species is being wiped out. Everything is lost as they are both forced to go on the run together. There family and friends killed and left behind.
Will these friends get through these hard times?
Will they get away?
Will they fall in love?
Is there hope in this dark time, or is survival just a wish never to come true?

Read on to find out what happens...


1. The Good Old Days

Once there were thousands of werewolves roaming the land. Free to do what they want. No danger or risk of being hunted down. Today your lucky if you even see one werewolf in your whole life. Many years ago people discovered the secret lives of people who could morph into wolves. These mysterious shape shifters have appeared throughout history in many different events. Nowadays they are only believed to be Legends and Myths. Nothing but old Wives tales. Just a load of people trying to get attention. But they are real. There really were werewolves. Until they were wiped out. The rumours spread that there were some people who could turn into wolves at there own free will. Wolves known as weirwolves had been putting a bad image to their name. A rough werewolf bit a human causing him to turn into a werewolf. But unlike a man who is born with the wolves blood cursing trough his veins, this man was something more, something more powerful, and deadly. You can never truly be a werewolf unless you are born as one. That man who got bit became something know as a weirwolf. A Wolf that only changes at a full moon, not at free will. There only longing is human flesh, and they have no control once they have turned. After a few survivals from the savage attacks more and more men were becoming these hideous monsters of evil. People were scared and mistook werewolves for these foul creatures of the night. Innocent people's blood shed on a huge battle field that last 5 years before people stopped. Nobody knows why they stopped. Nobody knows if the werewolf race was truly wiped out. Nobody knows if weirwolves still hide in the shadows ready to take it's next victim. In order to find out what really happened we'd have to go way back in time. Back to when werewolves lived in harmony with humans. Back to when times were great. The good old days. And this is where the story begins...

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