You're Not Alone

A romantic tragedy that is about a girl called Sophie and a boy called Jerry who are werewolves. They are getting hunted down and the species is being wiped out. Everything is lost as they are both forced to go on the run together. There family and friends killed and left behind.
Will these friends get through these hard times?
Will they get away?
Will they fall in love?
Is there hope in this dark time, or is survival just a wish never to come true?

Read on to find out what happens...


2. Leaving Everything Behind

The story begins at a small cottage. This three bedroom cottage belongs to Sophia's mum and dad. She had a baby brother as well. His name was Samuel. They had an easy life. For many years nobody had bothered them. They lived deep in the heart of the countryside. They had not seen a man for a year now. Unless you count the man who drives all the way out to there house to drop of food. This family had a dark secret about them. They only came out here to get away from the people who wanted them dead. People wanted to kill them just because they were different. They has you probably have already guessed were werewolves. People who could change themselves into wolves at free will. The only difference from an  ordinary wolf is that they are three times the size as normal wolves. Nobody knows why they are so big. It's something to do with the genes. Well anyway this family lived happily together in the woods till one day Sophia's Uncle Frank came to town and without realizing he was followed. "Hey Sophie, hows my baby girl?" Frank shouted out as he hugged his Sophia. Sophia was so happy to see him but there was no time for a happy reunion as her farther knocked her to the ground. He handed Samuel to Sophia and said "Sophia listen to me closely". Sophia nodded. Her father continued with "you listen to your uncle and look after your brother". He kissed Sophia on the forehead and hugged her one last time. Deep down Sophia knew that would be the last time she ever saw her dad. As she ran away holding her tiny brother in her arms, following Uncle Frank to safety, a tear rolled down her face as she realized she never got to say goodbye to her mum.They heard growling behind them and the distant yelps as gun shots sounded. Birds flew desperately into the sky. Uncle Frank commanded Sophia to turn into her wolf form. Sophia just nodded sadly and laid Samuel on the floor before forming into her wolf. She commanded Samuel to turn into a cub before picking him up by his scruff and running after her uncle. They ran for ages and with each stride of their powerful legs, took them further and further from what Sophia once called home.

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