You're Not Alone

A romantic tragedy that is about a girl called Sophie and a boy called Jerry who are werewolves. They are getting hunted down and the species is being wiped out. Everything is lost as they are both forced to go on the run together. There family and friends killed and left behind.
Will these friends get through these hard times?
Will they get away?
Will they fall in love?
Is there hope in this dark time, or is survival just a wish never to come true?

Read on to find out what happens...


3. Journey Of Terror

Sophie's four furry legs kicked up dust and twigs as the trio bounded through the forest. Sophie's muzzle grew tired from holding her brother, Samuel, and she barked through her clenched teeth. Uncle Frank pricked up his ears, and slowed. Sophie caught up until the both stopped running under a tree. 


She dropped Samuel down gently onto the floor before changing into half-form. It was too embarrassing being naked in front of her own uncle, she transformed into the grotesque werewolf half-form, so she could at least talk to him. Uncle Frank, still in wolf form, cocked his head to side - either in wonder or in disgust, Sophie couldn't make out which - as he peered at his niece. Her light grey fur covered her entire body, and the hair on her head was three time longer, and she seemed to be sporting a long beard. The teeth in her mouth were sharper and longer, and each stuck out like a fang so that she could not close her mouth and her lips would not touch - like a monster in some twisted horror story - and out of her hands and feet grew claws, each the length of a dagger; and a bushy grey tail lay across the forest floor as she sat, squatting like a troll beneath the tree. Samuel whimpered a little at the sight, and lay on the floor, head between his front paws in submission.


Uncle Frank nodded his head, indicating that Sophie should say what she has to. 

"Yes-no questions only?" said Sophie, in a gruff and mournful voice. She struggle to get the words out of her tooth-full mouth.

The older wolf nodded.

"Are we going to go back home after this?"

The wolf shook his head.

"Are we going to Grandma's?"


"Are we going to live out our lives as wolves?"


"Then...where?!" said Sophie in frustration.

Uncle Frank gave a sharp bark, and rose. Sophie sighed - a loud guttural sigh - and changed back into wolf form and - picking up Samuel - followed the older wolf and they bounded off once more.




Sophie's head rose as she heard a disturbance in the forest. They'd decided to rest for the night. 

Snap. Crunch, crunch. Snap.

Sophie sniffled, and they gently nudged her brother and uncle to wake. They ruffled their heads slowly, and heard the disturbance.

Crunch. Crackle. Crunch.

Uncle Frank whimpered something. Sophie's wolf-speak wasn't amazing, but she knew enough to understand her uncle's derogatory remark. Heathens. Hunters. Humans with no respect for shifters. The close-minded. The killers. Sophie held back a gasp, and prepared to run off with Samuel between her teeth, but her Uncle shook his large furry head.


After a few more twig-snaps, a pair of men stepped into the clearing. They wore a woollen material, and heavy leather boots, whilst carrying heavy-duty hunting rifles. They looked from side to side. The wolves were in plain sight, it was impossible for the hunters not so see them.

The younger of the two nudged the other with his elbow, "Look," he said, pointing at Sophie, "Look a' them pelts! They'd ge' us a huge fortune, they will!" 

"Shhh!" said the older hunter, "Shut that trap o' yours, or you'll scare 'em off!"

"Shoot 'em already!" persisted the younger.

Uncle Frank growled a far more derogatory statement, that Sophie did not fully understand [and, frankly, didn't want to] but indicated that the Hunters were actually poachers. Uncle Frank rose up onto his paws, and barked to confront the two poachers.


"See!" said the older hunter, "Look what you've done."

"The feisty dog wants a fight, eh?" said the younger, brandishing his gun, "Big deal! One shot and he'll be down like the dog he is!"

Uncle Frank then changed to half-from, and snapped the gun out of the younger hunter's hand before either of them had the chance to be surprised. The older fell back in shock and horror.

"Go!" cried Sophie's uncle, in the deep clenched voice, "Go! Run! Find the place where the two trees meet!"

Sophie whined in confusion and in worry, but picked up her brother in her mouth. 

"What are you waiting for?!" yelled Uncle Frank, "GO!"


Sophie kicked up her heels and ran, fast and far into the forest. she heard shouts of 'Witch!' and 'Warlock!' and 'Cursed!'. Then followed by gunfire. One shot. Two. Three. Then a loud shrill howl, which died on the passing wind...

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