You're Not Alone

A romantic tragedy that is about a girl called Sophie and a boy called Jerry who are werewolves. They are getting hunted down and the species is being wiped out. Everything is lost as they are both forced to go on the run together. There family and friends killed and left behind.
Will these friends get through these hard times?
Will they get away?
Will they fall in love?
Is there hope in this dark time, or is survival just a wish never to come true?

Read on to find out what happens...


4. Destination

Sophie ran on, not daring to stop, blinding tears in her wolfish eyes as the shrill howl of her dead uncle continued to ring in her ears. Samuel was rocking furiously as she ran, and was whimpering as her method of hold was beginning to hurt him. Not being able to run any longer, she slowed her pace, and sat in a secluded, bushy area of the forest.


The place where the two trees meet


That's what her Uncle said. Two trees. Which trees? They were everywhere in this forest. Sophie set down Samuel, and rested, thinking. Two trees... Her uncle's favourite type of tree was the willow. He used to say they were beautiful, and made him feel at ease. Willows made him feel calm. That was somewhere to start. Sophie picked up her brother, and check the way back. She'd left a horrible mess. The poachers would find her trail, no doubt. There was only one thing for it - she'd have to carry on. She'd have to find the place where the two trees meet - starting with willows. And then perhaps pine. She kicked her heels and plunged deeper into the forest.


* * * * *


Sophie couldn't find the willows, but she found something stranger. The stranger, the more likely. It was two trees - slender and unrecognisable - who seemed to be separate, but as one looked high, they intertwined and merged together; as if one and the same.

This was it. Sophie was sure.


But what now? she thought.


There was a snuffling, and Sophie gave a wolfy gasp as a hoard of wolves emerged all around her...

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