You're Not Alone

A romantic tragedy that is about a girl called Sophie and a boy called Jerry who are werewolves. They are getting hunted down and the species is being wiped out. Everything is lost as they are both forced to go on the run together. There family and friends killed and left behind.
Will these friends get through these hard times?
Will they get away?
Will they fall in love?
Is there hope in this dark time, or is survival just a wish never to come true?

Read on to find out what happens...


5. A New Pack

Sophie to her shock was surrounded by loads of big wolves. There were 8 of them. All very strong, well built males. Aggression in there eyes and a look of seriousness. They growled to show dominance as Sophie bowed down submitted as she wimpered nervously. One slightly younger male stepped forward saying in a loud bellowing voice "now, now guys! Your scaring the young lady!" The big wolves took a step back, sitting upon their tails, licking their lips innocently. One of the males barked playfully saying in an excited tone "we didn't mean nothing by it boss. Just having a little fun". The young male walked up to him and said "hush now, I know you just doing your job. Now be quiet so I can do mine". This male seemed to always get what he wanted as silence fell upon the forest clearing. He appeared to have a soft side to him, and Sophie decided to keep this in mind. The young male stood before Sophie. He looked a lot like Sophie in markings. He was almost white with tints of grey all over his body. His eyes, a dreamy brown, like little muddy puddles. The young male cleared his throat and addressed Sophie with "what brings you to these parts stranger?" Sophie sniffed nervously and said with a stutter "uh, my unkle Frank told me to find two weird looking trees in order to reach my destination. The humans found us and so we had to leave our old home. My parents were killed. Soon after my unkle ended up suffering the same fate". The young male said solumly "oh, I'm sorry to hear that". Sophie said "that's ok. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing now though. He was very strict on what questions he could answer. All I know is I had to find two trees together. Theres a lot of trees considering it's a forest". Sophie sighed as she realized how hopeless this all was.

"I don't even know if I got the right place" she said as all her hopes appeared to wash away. "Oh you got the right place alright" the young male said with a kind smile. Sophie looked slightly puzzled and said "what exactly do you mean". The young male coughed and said aloud "I knew you unkle quite well. He was a good man to us all. He saved my life as well as many others in his time. I owe him my life. He obviously wanted you to find us. Don't you worry now... I never did catch you name". Sophie sighed with releif realizing she had finally found what she had been looking for. She said quietly "Sophie, my names Sophie". The young wolf smiled and said "well that's a pretty name". Sophie was so glad she was taking the form of a wolf, otherwise she just knew she would have blushed. "So what's your name?" Sophie questioned. He said proudly "the names Jeremiah, but most of my friends just call me Jerry". Sophie said sweetly "that's a nice name, I like that". Jerry said with a shout "well come on then, move out guys, lets walk this young lady home". Sophie picked up Samuel once again in her large jaws and followed behind all the wolves. Deep down she was hoping there were a few females where she was heading. She thought it quite awkward if she was the only female there. But luck wasn't on her side. They led her to a meadowy clearing, kind of like her old home. On the little piece of grassy land, were a few little cabins. It appearecd to be completly empty. Sophie spoke up as they looked down at what they called home. "uh, is there anymore of you guys down there?" One of the wolves said "no just us". Sophie felt a surge of worry go over her. She didn't like the fact that she was the only female there, it made her feel very uneasy about all this. But she didn't really have a choice. They led her down to the little cabins.

All the wolves sat in front of a tall pile of rocks. Sophie sat with them all, putting Samuel down beside her in the soft grass, where he curled up and fell asleep. She watched as Jerry climbed to the top of the rocks and sat importantly. He howled into the air before clearing his throat and saying. "It is safe to present human form now". Everybody morphed into their human form, except Samuel, who was to tired to care and was asleep. Sophie felt all the males eyes on her. She heard some muttering complements on how beautiful she was. She even noticed the fact that Jerry had paused in his speech to get a good look at her. His eyes seemed to light up at the sight of her. Sophie felt herself blush nervously as butterflies fluttered around her stomach that had now clenched with nerves. Sophie had long brown hair, that trailed over her shoulders freely. She had green eyes that really showed how perfectly smooth her skin was. Jerry continued with his important speech, taking a moment to glimse at Sophie every now and then. "anyway, as I was saying. We have a new pack member today, 2 to be exact. I have to get straight to the point here if you don't mind Sophie". Sophie jumped at the fact that she had been addressed. She nodded obediently. Jerry continued "ok. That's good then. As you all know boys, she is a female. We will not let that get us all carried away and crazy desperate people. We may not have seen a female in a long time, but that doesn't mean you can scare her off by all hitting on her at once. If she does choose to be wirh one of us, over a good length of time so she can get to know us, then that's fine. But if she doesn't then I guess that's fine too". Sophie smiled at the fact that he was pretty much getting her out of the danger she thought of. She felt safe and no longer on edge now. She smiled sweetly at him. She seemed to like him just a little. He was a rather handsome young male, a bit older than she was. He had short dark brown hair, that stuck up at the front in a wild manner. He had brown eyes as you already know. They seemed to dazzle in a sexy way as the light hit them. Sophie stared dreamily at him. She moved away from a male that had edged towards her nervously.

Jerry said "now all of you, go to your homes and get some well deserved rest. I will attend to the young lady, find her a nice place to sleep for now, until we can make some more perminant arrangement". A male yelled out "aw! How come you get to attend to the young lady, were all capable of that. Let me assist her needs". Jerry growled as he heard another guy shout "she  could sleep at my house". Jerry yelled angrily " to tell the truth, I don't trust any od you guys with her. Infact so you guys cannot get carried away, and considering I'm the one in charge, and the only one with common sense right now, I think the Sophie should stay at my house. That's if you don't mind". Jerry looked at Sophie with a kind smile. Sophie just nodded politely and said "thank you to everyone. No I don't mind, I just so tired. I need to go to bed to tell the truth". Sophie went to pick up Samuel but Jerry beat her to it. He said sweetly "don't worry about this little guy. I will carry him for you". Sophie said nervously "sorry to sound a little rude, but I'd rather you didn't". Jerry backed off realizing how scared and protective Sophie is over here only living family member. Jerry said "ok if you insist. Follow me". Sophie tagged behind, walking slowly towards a little cabin. Not a very grand building, it only had one room. But it appeared to be the grandest out of the bunch. It also had a fire and a warm bed. Jerry said "set down Samuel by the fire on that fluffy rug. I will get him a blanket". Sophie obeyed his orders and stood, watching him tuck a little blanket around her brother. Jerry said quietly "I will sleep on the floor tonight. You can have my bed". Sophie said "you sure?" Jerry nodded kindly. Sophie headed straight over to the bed, and without hesitation she fell into a deep sleep.

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