Let's Meet Again

Jenna comes home mad. Knowing Harry stood them up, at the dinner they were suppose to go. But.. What happens is something that will never leave her memory. As she trys to love again, it doesn't work.


2. Depression

Jennas P.O.V

I can't believe my husband is dead. 

I've never left our flat since. I'd rather stay home, then have fans being in my way asking me so many questions. I just wanna be held by him, laying in our bed. Smelling his pillow, and it smells like his axe. 

I miss telling him how important he is to me. I haven't took a shower since the hospital it's been three days. 

My phone is going crazy, but I'd rather not pay attention to it. Because people would just wanna come over. 

No ones P.O.V

Jenna's phone rang, she looked. It was Liam, one of her best buds in the band. She didn't awnser though. 

Its been 3 days.. She had to arrange Harry's funeral sooner or later. So she called Harrys mom,  Anne. 

"Anne. I need someone to talk to real bad, and your the person I have to talk to" Jenna said. 

"I'll be over soon love, take care" Anne replied. 

Jenna started to clean her house, and took a shower. She missed the warmth water, but she was used of taking showers with Harry. So she sat down in the shower, and just cried for 15 minutes or so, til she heard a knock on the door. She put on Harry's sweat shirt, and sweat pants, put her hair in a bun. And whiped her tears away. She was hoping it was Anne, but it was Louis. She welcomed him in with a smile. She started having flash backs of Harry.. And how Louis and him would talk about the bullsh*t Larry. She was quiet , she didn't notice.


"We're all not taking this well too" Louis said. 

She started crying, Louis pulled her for a hug. 

And told her everything was gonna be alright , over and over. But she didn't believe it at all. 

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