Let's Meet Again

Jenna comes home mad. Knowing Harry stood them up, at the dinner they were suppose to go. But.. What happens is something that will never leave her memory. As she trys to love again, it doesn't work.


1. Time to go.


No ones P.O.V You put your key in the door and turned the lock. You put your bag and keys on the table. "Harry!?" Jenna yelled  as she expected, there was no response.  Scarlette had just got back from the resturant where you and Harry were MENT to have dinner, but he never showed up. He left her there, Waiting, Embarassed! For nothing, after two years of being together, he stood her up for nothing. They haven't even been fighting..    Jennas P.O.V I was so mad at Harry, I sat in front of the telly , and switched the news on.  They were doing a report on a car accident that happened earlier that night. Then they said who the rider was.. I raced to the hospital in my car, as soon as I go there.. I ran in,   "I, I need the room for Harry Styles" I said panting. The nurse nodded and led me to room "117"  I thanked her as she left.  I slowly walked in. Harry was concious , I ran over crying. He hugged me.. "I'm Sorry.." he said weakly to me. "No no, don't apologise to me" I said, whiping my tears away, but they still kept streaming out of my eyes.  The nurse came in and told me I had to leave, I didn't wanna.. It took a few times to ask, but  I eventually listened , and got out. It was now 2am, I just sat in the waiting room.. And waited. Suddenly the nurse walked out, I waited til she was gone, and walked into Harry's room. I grabbed his hand , and whispered to him. "Please make it through this Harry" over and over until I fell asleep.  "We need to take him to the emergency room!" The nurse yelled. I woke up shocked, and tears streaming down my face.  "WHATS GOING ON!!" .I said. "Were going to have to ask you to go" Harry's doctor said.  "But.." I said... "GO!" he yelled. I walked out crying, So i sat here.. waiting and wait.  "He want's to see you" The nurse said to me. They all walked out, giving me and him privacy.  "Hey.." I said walking over to him. He grabbed my hand. I looked at him, the tears in his eyes made me freeze at the spot.  "Harry??" i asked slowly.. Confused.   "This is the end, I can feel it.." he said.  I started to cry .. and said "Harry, you will get through it. Won't you? Won't you??"  He whiped my tears away,  "No I Won't , but I want you to know.. I will always love you, but you cant live depressed about me. I want you to Start A family! Have grandchildren! just promise you wont forget about me." he said.. also crying. " No no. You can't do this!" I yelled. Tears streaming down my face, every second.   "I'm sorry.." the heart monitor started beeping.. But not little ones, just one long continuous one.     I can't believe I've lost my love, my bestfriend, my soulmate. . 
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