2. Clearing the city

I held his head in my hands crying I looked around knowing this wasn't the time to mourn. I dropped his head and ran to the front of the city. Any able fighting body I could find came to fight. When we got to the front of the city. The whole troll Garrison was heading to the city I knew it was hopeless. I sent everybody to go to there houses and get there families out and head to the city of The knites of light. i went to my home and grabbed my mother and sister and told them to go. " wheres your brother" She asked " Hes on his way to the city with the other people" I told her " Now go" I yelled. Of course I lied to her I didn't know what else to do if I told her the truth she would have refused to leave. I got everybody that survived out When we got a good mile away I turned around and saw the troll flag raise over our city. When we got to the knites city they welcomed our people and we all stayed in tents at there public park. The people were all calling me a hero i didn't feel like much of a hero. all I  know now is  we have to end this war and do it in a way where we win.

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