1. The invisability tribe

Living in this tribe is wonderful. this tribe leads the good fight people are always trying to attack us and end the war. from the time i turned six until last week om my fourteenth birthday ive been traning to fight. My mother asked me to watch my sister julia she is a very beautiful young girl blonde hair and hazel eyes. she love to run with the breeze and chase buterflies. im watching her so my mother can sew my outfit for the innogeratin ceremony tommorow and in the next two days I will be on the battle feild. I also have a twelve year old brother who is training to fight. it was a very beautiful day the sun shinning the breeze flowing like the waves in the ocean. I lokked up to the clouds to notice a slight haze it looked like a storm. i yelled " Julia theres a storm coming you need to come with me to go home" "Ok ju wi en" She yells back. shes just started talking so she strugled saying some things. I looked down to grab my jacket once i grab it all i can hear is screams in the distance and also very close. I look back at julia and shes on the ground screaming i run to her she has a arrow in her leg i notice its an arrow of a troll it had distinct markings on it. " The cwowd hit me Ju wi en"julia crys. it wasent a cloud it was a group of arrows. " Mommy has some herbs for you dont worry. i pick her up and start sprinting home houses are on fire and people are screaming, trolls massacuring every body. I get julia inside my mom cries " Thank god" She snaches julia out of my hand " I will fix you baby" She looks at me and says " Wheres your brother" " I have to go get him" She yells " Go now". I go to the back room and grab my sword, bow and arrows and my throwing knives and head out the door. i get on the rooves with t get to the milatary cam faster. when i get there its on fire and the kids are fighting back the best they can but its not enough. i jump off the roof and run into the burning building. a troll charges at me i take my sword and thrust it into his belly. It shreiks and falls to the ground i get cornered by five trolls as the charge i go invisible and jump and grab the bar on the ceiling the all run into each other i jump down and stick my sword through one of there heads. the rest look confused i stab one in the stomach the other in the back. i cut anothers head off. it rolls on the ground the last one tries to run away. i take my throwing knife and throw it into his skull. I run to the bunk house and i trip and fall. A troll leaps on me and holds his sword over me chanting a prayer. i go invisible and slide through his legs and stick my sword throught his back. I turn around to see what i tripped on and im shocked to see that its the head of my brother.  

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