The Twilight Games

Renesmee gets picked for the hunger games and Edward and Bella are devorctaded. meanwhile Jacub has a child that him and his girlfriend adopted. Jacub and Bella are in a different district and there children are versing eachother and they are practically family. Red to find out what happens.

For compitition


4. The morning

Renesmee sat up and yawned. She looked at her calendar, it was the day. The day where children find out if there life is at risk, the hungar games. Renesmee looked at her calendar and zoomed in on that day. She looked down sadly then looked at the clock. Bella walked in and said "Renesmee don't worry, it not you, there are plenty of other kids in our district!" Renesmee smiled and then looked down and whispered "but what if it is me, I know I could use my vampire powers but still!" Bella looked behind her to see Edward walking over. She looked back and seen Renesmee trying to force out tears. Her eyes where full of water. She leant over and hugged her tight. Edward came over with a box of cookies and 3 hot cups of hot chocolate. She smiled and said "thanks dad!"

When she had finished she went and got changed. She opened her wardrobe and took nearly every outfit she had out of the wardrobe.
"I have no clothes!" Sighed Renesmee
"Yes you do just put your grey dress on!" Replied Bella
"Fine!" Renesmee pulled out the dress and got changed. She grabbed her black painten leather shoes out and slipped the on. "Do I look ok."Asked Renesmee.
"Yes but all I need to do is brush your hair!" Replied Bella.
Bella slid the clip into her hair and twisted it round her shoulders and whispered down her ear
"Lovely! Go and brush your teeth!"
Renesmee sprung off her Bella and ran over too the bathroom.
"Is she OK?" Asked Edward.
"Yes, I think so!" Replied Bella as she stood up.
They both looked at Renesmee through the corner off the door.
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