The Twilight Games

Renesmee gets picked for the hunger games and Edward and Bella are devorctaded. meanwhile Jacub has a child that him and his girlfriend adopted. Jacub and Bella are in a different district and there children are versing eachother and they are practically family. Red to find out what happens.

For compitition


8. The journey

Renesmee sat there In silence wiping her tears, holding a photo of her, Bella and Edward. She clenched it close to her heart and wiped her tears. I tall girl walked over to her and sat in front off her "Hi, I am Katnis. I am well, I won three years ago!" Said the girls. Renesmee smiled and mumbled "I want my mum!" She started crying again. Katnis came closer and hugged her and said "it's ok I promise you will see her again. I was the same and I was the same when well I never got picked I nominated my self. My little sister got picked and I was scared so I nominated my self!" Renesmee wasn't really listening she was looking out the window with the picture sill clenched to her chest. She sniffed and looked at her then said very quietly wiping her tears "hi I am Renesmee. I am can hunt and I just don't want to well die, I have been trained to hunt but I am scared!" Katnis leant in close and hugged her and said "anyway I will train you! I am hear to help. I am a friend I will always be here for you during the hunger games!" Renesmee smiled and said "thanks. Erm can you help me first with my starvation?" She laughed as she said it. "Yep just through that door!" Laughed Katnis as she held her hand leading her through the door.

When they walked through the door there was a table full off food. There was chicken, spagetti, drinks, fruit and ice cream. She was amazed. The smell reached her nose. It tingled, it was a warm feeling. She sat down and started to think what to eat first. She finally digger into the chicken. "WOW, this is the nicest chicken ever! Mmmmmmm"
Katnis laughed and said "It gives you lots of energy."
Suddenly the door slammed and another man with blonde hair quite tall with small stumbles of hair at the bottom of his face.
"Renesmee, this is the man who trained me, the man who won the hunger games a few years before me! He will be training you and Elliot. He will be spending some time with Elliot on the way."
Explained Katnis.
"Hello, I am Haymich. You must be Renesmee!" Said the man
"Hi I am Renesmee!" She said
"Well hello I have some advice 'STAY ALIVE!" He said firmly.

"We are nearly here. About 5 hours until we will be here!" Said Katnis
"What will we do when we get there?"asked Renesmee
"Erm I will show you your room. I will be staying with you because well to give you some help and stuff!" Said Katnis.
"OK!" Said Renesmee
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