The Twilight Games

Renesmee gets picked for the hunger games and Edward and Bella are devorctaded. meanwhile Jacub has a child that him and his girlfriend adopted. Jacub and Bella are in a different district and there children are versing eachother and they are practically family. Red to find out what happens.

For compitition


20. Snakes

'Dong' has been going off all night. They woke up and walked outside to see the blu netting I. The sky. It read :
Hannah shall age 18 district 5
Robyn hash age 16 district 3
Peter done age 13 district 4
Annie ell age 14 district 10
They all were silent until Edward butted in "13 kids have died so that means that there are ....... 11 more to go!" They all went back into the cave and sat in the corner.
They heard some noises. They looked around the room. They knew they weren't alone. They seen a yellow long thing slide past. "OOCH!" Squealed Renesmee.
"What, what, what happened!" Asked Bella
"SOMETHING BIT ME!" Shouted Renesmee as she began to cry. Edward got the torch out and scanned around the room. The room began to fill up with snakes.
"RUN!" Shouted Edward.
"I can't move dad. HELP ME!" Cried Renesmee. He picked her up and they ran out the cave. Bella grabbed all of the things and they ran out.
They got to a lake and sat down there. They took Renesmee's shoe off to see to big cuts on her ankle. She was crying. Renesmee's vision went all blurry. She went dizzy. She had a head ache. She felt so sick.
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