The Twilight Games

Renesmee gets picked for the hunger games and Edward and Bella are devorctaded. meanwhile Jacub has a child that him and his girlfriend adopted. Jacub and Bella are in a different district and there children are versing eachother and they are practically family. Red to find out what happens.

For compitition


24. Shock

They ran and ran as fast as they could. Until there was a megaphone voice in the air. "All the alive tributes come to the centre where you started to see who is left and you will fight to the death until there is one child (and there family) left."
"Let's go but go quietly OK, someone could creep up!" Edward whispered
"OK! How about Renesmee gets on your back and I will carry the equipment." Suggested Bella. They agreed and done what Bella said.
They walked quietly whilst scanning around them to see if anything was coming.
They looked through to trees to see that they where there. The said a prayer to ask god to help them. They took a deep breath. They ran into the battle field. They scanned around to see no other family there. A helicopter flew above them with a ladder hanging down with a devorctaded couple. Bella looked at the couple to see Jacub and his girlfriend.
"Jacubs family where the last family and there adopted child must have died! Which means we won, we are the only remaining family!" Said Bella. They jumped up and shouted "YES!!!!"
A "BANG" went off. So they quickly looked up into the air and it shown the blue netting. It read.
'Elliot Stout, district 12, age 15 died by attack of lion'
They read it and Bella looked down and mumbled "Jacub must be so upset!"
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