The Twilight Games

Renesmee gets picked for the hunger games and Edward and Bella are devorctaded. meanwhile Jacub has a child that him and his girlfriend adopted. Jacub and Bella are in a different district and there children are versing eachother and they are practically family. Red to find out what happens.

For compitition


23. Shaking

They where sitting against the tree peacefully. The sound of nature was beautiful it was so quiet. Renesmee was leaning on Bella sleeping. Whilst Edward was trying to start a fire. As it was begging to get colder as the sun was going down.
"Make shaw we both keep look out to see if the other family comes to attack us!" Exclaimed Edward, Bella nodded. There was only 2 family's left in the hunger games. But they didn't know who or what district they where in, as they missed the last netting across the sky to tell you who has gone and who is still alive.

The ground began shaking. Renesmee sat up quickly and looked around. The bags where jumping up and down ,as where the leaves and branches surrounding them. SUDDENLY!!! A bunch of animals from the biggest to the smallest of every creature running towards them.
"RUN!!!" Shouted Edward. They picked up all the bags and ran as fast as they could. (In the hunger games they try to add as many obstacles as they can, to try and put the child in danger.) they ran and ran whilst lions and tigers where chasing them and pouncing in front of them. Edward was shooting arrows at every angle as they where starting to surround them. Her shot lots of the animals down then looked behind him to Bella. There was one Tigre left but where was Renesmee. The Tigre ripped the bow and arrow out of his hand and snapped it. They thought Renesmee had been killed. They Tigre began to creep towards them as they wer cornered against a tree.
The Tigre was about to pounce on them when suddenly Renesmee popped up behind it and but it's neck using her teeth. The Tigre squealed and fell to the ground. Completely dead. The picked up there stuff and ran.
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