The mystery of ages

'As I look out of my window in to the dark unforgiving night, I see a shadowy figure sauntering through the street. A shiver down my spine, I know exactly who it is.'


1. Night has fallen

I look out into the stormy night from my doorway, grab my warmest coat then run. Run as far away from here as possible. Your probably thinking I'm crazy, stupid messed up, but no, I have a good reason for doing what I'm about to do. "My parents, there the reason" I keep thinking to myself, but there's much more to it than that, most of it I'm scared to admit, even to myself. So I'll carry on blaming my parents, as they have done me for most of my short life. Things haven't been good ever since i can remember. No money, no food, a rented house, never ending bills that needed to be payed, which meant fights and lots of them to. Every night. Then they'd drag me into them, and I'd be made to choose who I liked the best. Anyway, I won't bore you with the past, I've got the present to worry about.
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