How You Make me Feel

Wrapped in your arms I feel so safe and strong. Always loved by only you. Your the one who makes me happy


1. How You Make Me Feel

Wrapped up in your arms

More than ever before I feel safer


It's a feeling I can't ignore, when you gaze into my eyes

This isn't just a game I know

What I feel for you

With anyone else I never felt


I am over whelmed with happiness when I am close to you

What I have been waiting for my whole life is you

You are the one I can share my life with

My fear you take away


How much I love you word's can't express

Through this short amount of time

My love for you is real , I hope you realize

I do not want to play games with you

I know you feel the same


I want to be with you that's where

I found someone who loves me just for me

All the reason in the world you give me

You won't hurt me in any way, I believe


If I ever lost you

What I would do I don't know

I'm crazy you probably think

I'm not truthfully


Everytime we are together

It's a new world of experience for me

In this world all I see

Is no one but you and me.

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