I Need You To Need Me

I need you to need me as I need you. I want you beside me/ Loving only me. I want you


1. I Need You To Need Me

I need you to want me

Would love for you to need me

As much as I need you

I want you beside me


Loving only me

I want you in my heart

To always stay

I want to be your wife


You to be my husband

I want to walk with you

I need you by my side

I want to protect you


I need you to never make me cry

I want to be the first thing

You see in the morning

I need you to wake with me


I want to be the last thing

You see at night

I need you next to me

When I sleep


Holding me tight

I want to think only of you

I need you to think of me

At the same time I think of you


I want to share all our dreams

With you

All our wishes and desires

Passion so wild.



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