Forbidden Love

Windy always followed the rules but when she meets a guy called 'Finn' everything changes...


7. The beach

I've never felt really nervous like this before. The punishment for the two people who loved before matching is death in front of all the town, so I was terrified... I don't know what I'm feeling for him but I'll listen to my heart 'cause what I'm feeling is real.
No one goes to the beach after eight because they always told us scary stories about this beach.
Checked the watch in my bedroom, it's seven O'clock.
It was dark, just one light from the street but It doesn't really make any difference. Suddenly someone caught my waist.
"I'm glad you came" Finn said.
I smiled.
"How are you?" He said.
"I'm fine".
"Do you want to swim?".
I followed him to the sea."We'll race okay?"
"I'm not a good swimmer" I said.
"Its okay".
"We will walk in the sea until the water reaches our arms and then we'll race till the shore" he said.
I nodded and we walked in silence until the water reached our arms.
"Ooooneeee. Twooooooo. Threeee" I said.
We raced he was behind me and then in a blink of an eye I saw him in front of me running, he reached the shore and fell on the sand.
"You cheated!" I said laughing.
"there wasn't any rules" he laughed.
"But b- never mind" I sat next to him, watching the sea.
"Why did you want to meet me here?" I can hardly even breathe because I didn't know what's going to be his answer. "What do you want from me?"
"Want...?" He sat and faced me so, I faced him too. In that moment his expression softens and his eyes go bright as flame and even though I barely see him move, suddenly he has closed the space between us and he's wrapping his warm hands over my shoulders "Windy. I like you, okay? That's it. That's all. I like you." His voice is so low, it reminds me of a song.
And then I'm stumbling backward, paddling away from him. I'm half running, half walking. Finn calls my name, but I'm too afraid to look and see if he's coming. I didn't know what to do, after a month I'm getting matched. Its not up to me, who to love...
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