Forbidden Love

Windy always followed the rules but when she meets a guy called 'Finn' everything changes...


3. School

It was the morning, I woke up early and my first thought was Finn. I went downstairs, ate my breakfast and headed to school walking. It was the first day at school, I walked slowly to the registration room and suddenly someone touched my shoulder I turned and was Finn.
"Hi Windy" Finn said.
"Can you show me where is room fifteen?"
"Yes of course, I'm in that room too"
"That means you are in grade twelve."
"Yeah" walking to the room.
We stayed in an awkward silence until we reached the room, Ms Emily was sitting on the chair next to her desk and calling out the names to check who's here, so I sat quickly and Finn sat behind me.
Caroline walked in, she was wearing an evil smile on her face when she looked at me so, I covered my face with my hands and stayed listening to Ms Emily.
"Finn Robert"
"Alice louis"
"Aria Tom"
"I'm here!"
"Windy Harry"
"Caroline Wesley"
"Here!" Hitting me on my shoulder
"Well.. I'm happy to see you too"
"How are you" caroline said
"I'm fine what about you? Enjoyed your summer vacation in Germany?"
"Yeah! I really had fun. what about you?"
"yeah kind of... If I travelled I'd have more fun!" We didn't travel because a nurse working with my mom broke her leg so... My mom had to do extra work, she always takes shifts at night and sometimes she didn't come home for days because they had to go to a hospital out of town.
Caroline has a blond hair and blue eyes I always told her that I was jealous from her eyes because I had green eyes and I really wish I had blue...
"So, who's the new guy?" Caroline said.
"Well.. He's finn"
We stayed talking and suddenly I felt like someone was watching so I turned to see who was it, he was Finn Robert. I stared into his eyes, I felt like I could stare into them for a lifetime but I couldn't anymore stare at him so, I smiled and faced the teacher.
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