Forbidden Love

Windy always followed the rules but when she meets a guy called 'Finn' everything changes...


4. My heart skipped a beat

The first three lessons was boring, and now it was break so, I headed to the cafeteria and took a cheese bread and orange juice. I sat at the table that me and Caroline sat on since FOREVER!!! I waited for Caroline to come and have a seat, but a Aria Tom came and stood next me and said "May I sit here?" I said "yeah". She was a new girl at school, she had a dark black eye colour and her hair was the same colour...
"Ugh! I'm really jealous of your hair! I really want it light brown and wavy. Its so amazing" she said.
"Thanks" she sat in front of me and then Caroline came.
"Well... You are?" Caroline said.
"I'm A-aria Tom" she stood up to shake a hand with her but Caroline just sat down and Aria sat slowly, shocked.
"I have to go" Aria said and smiled.
"Thank god! She went I really didn't like her from the first time I saw her in class" Caroline said relieved
"Well I promise you she won't come again, I think she's scared from you"I laughed.
"Do you mind if I have a seat?" Finn said holding his tray that had a cheese bread and a water bottle.
"No, its O-okay. Sit" I said. I didn't believe what I did! I placed a hand next to me, to let him have a seat. So, he sat on the seat where I placed my hand on. He was touching my thigh by his.
My heart skipped a beat.
"Hi! What's your name?" Caroline asked him.
"Finn. Finn Robert" he said with a smile.
"So, you're new in town"
"And you're in the neighbourhood that me and Windy are in, right?"
"Yup, how did you know?"
"I saw you yesterday walking"
"Aha" he started eating, Caroline started too but I stared at the food then caroline waved in front of my face and right away I started eating.
Well.. Today was exhausting. I had one more lesson and I'll return home, the lesson was english. We had to go to the library, I sat at the corner staring at the window that was next to me, just wondering about the day that was spent with Finn and caroline...
"Hey! Why are you sitting alone?" Finn said, putting his hand on my shoulder.
"Hey, I always sat with Caroline in english but this year they separated us in two classes" I said watching his hand.
"Well.. In every english lesson I'll be here if you want company" he said.
"Won't you invite me to sit with you?"
"Hey! Finn Robert. Why don't you sit with me?" I laughed
"Your laugh. is wonderful"
I blushed, all of a sudden I felt like my face right now looked like a tomato so, I quickly turned and stared at the window.
He walked slowly an sat in front of me on the table.
"Shy?" He said
"NO! Why would I?!"
"Nevermind" he laughed
Well, his laugh is charming and my laugh defintily can't be compared by his.
We talked and laughed for about thirty-five minutes and the bell rang so, I told him that I'll see him soon and headed to my dad's car
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