Forbidden Love

Windy always followed the rules but when she meets a guy called 'Finn' everything changes...


6. feelings

Days pass, time ticks away, seconds click forward like dominoes toppling in a line... Finn was absent for four days and I wanted to go and ask him what's wrong but I didn't.
Today's friday, and I'm so excited for the weekend I don't even know why..
I fell asleep in the car, when I woke up I found myself in the parking so, I walked yawning going to my first class, unaware of what's in front of me I bumped someone, he was right in front of me inches onle between us. I lifted my head up and saw him.
"Well.. Hello" said Finn.
"h-hey and I'm so sorry I bumped you" I said.
"Its okay"
"Where have you been?"
"Missed me?"
"Nooo, I'm just asking!"
"I was sick"
"F-feeling better now?"
"Yeah" he said with a smile.
He stayed staring at me like he was studying me, he watched my eyes then nose then lips then neck and then I couldn't stay for any longer.. Maybe someone will report about us.
"I got to go" I said.
"Which lesson do you have?"
"Me too" he said.
I headed to the biology class and sat next to a window, Finn sat behind me. It was always awkward to take biology without caroline, I pretended to take a book from my bag that was hanging on my chair so, I could steal a glance at Finn.
He was already watching me, the warmth in his eyes made me wonder if I wanted to spend some time figuring him out. I whipped back around, kind of regretting what I've done...
For the rest of the period, I felt eyes on the back of my neck. The clock above the White board ticked slower than ever.
The bell rang.
I stuffed my notebook into my backpack and walked away.
I thought I'd have at least a class or two to think about what I was feeling for the new guy.
Lunch... Caroline was absent, she texted before a while and said that she's not feeling well.
"hellow" Finn said.
"Where's caroline?"
"Absint, she's not feeling well"
"Aha.. May I sit?"
"Yeah, and don't ask again you are welcome anytime"
"Thanks!" Sitting facing me.
We talked... and then he moved leg to touch mine.
"Hey!!!" I opened my eyes, wide to him.
"Sorry" he laughed and removed his leg
He asked me a question and a word that worked its way out of my throat and danced onto and out of my lips before I could think about it, or stop it.
The question was: Will you meet me tomorrow 8:00 at the beach?
And the word was: Yes.
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