Forbidden Love

Windy always followed the rules but when she meets a guy called 'Finn' everything changes...


1. Love is forbidden

Its been sixty years since The President said the new rule, he said "Love is forbidden, you are allowed to love the person that we will be matched with you. only! From now on" Well, I'll follow the rule... I promised myself to never ever everlove a guy before my matching when my mom told me about it when I was 5 years old.
Every girl or boy will be told on their 18th birthday who's gonna be their match and they'll let them choose which date do they want their wedding on, but its not allowed to be after 2 years it has to be less.
"Mom! I'm going out for a walk" I said shouting from my room. I checked my watch it was seven, I remembered that my mom doesn't reply when I shout from upstairs, she hated it, so I ran down and told her that I was going out for a walk and she replied saying "Okay Windy, but be back at ten we're going to eat dinner as a family." "'Kay, love you! Bye" I ran outside.
The sunset is amazing! I really liked to walk out side these timings. I waved at our nieghbour Caroline and she waved back, she's my best friend from school and she'll get matched after two months and I'll be matched after three. I stayed jogging and in a blink of an eye I tripped by a big rock and fell into someone's arms.
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