Back For You

Zerenity Hamilton...she isn't the luckiest one around. Her dad abandonded her and her mom when she was pregent, and her mom died when she was she lives with her 30 year old aunt...who likes to go party. Things lighten up a bit when she gets paired up with Niall Horan, the new guy, for a school project, he seems nice...and awfully familiar...
Although Zerenity has been crushed with the cruelties of life...can Niall and his gang give her a better outlook?


3. Its really you and Its really me

"Zerenity...Hamilton?" Niall says, still running his hand through his hair. He seems just as confused as I am

"That's me. I guess that means it's really you.." I say, excited and not excited, a mixture of emotions running through me. My heart beats fast.

"Its really me" He says, and a bright smile breaks out on his face, and I catch it and smile back. 

"Zerenity!" Mr Storm calls, meaning for me to quiet down. I blush and look back at Niall.

"Why are you here?" I say in a much lower voice this time.

"I moved here obviously!" He answers

I facepalm. "I didnt mean it like that. I meant why did you move here? Coincidentally where I moved to 6 years ago?" I say.

"I don't want to really get into the detail right now. But I live with my grandparents down here." He says and turns back to the whiteboard and Mr Storm. 

Okay so maybe Niall did have family down here just not any family I knew about...

But why is he back here...Why does he live with his grandparents now? I have a whole day ahead of me, Its only 1st period.


I sit in the commons and search for Niall. Where could he be? This school isn't that big, he couldn't have gotten lost, even if it is his first day here. 

Suddenly someone comes from behind me and hugs my waist. I turn around and there he is, blue eyes perfect hair and everything.

"Niall..." I say and give him a great hug. He hugs me back tightly, for a minute, I'm back to us standing my backyard hugging after a long day of me crying and him being there for me. 

I release him and smile. "Cmon, I have a better place to go rather than sitting in this nasty cafeteria." I say and grab his hand, smiles never leaving our faces. It feels so right just to be together again.

I lead him to my car and I drive down the street to the little mall there that nobody really goes to. 

"What Is this place?" he says, his blue eyes wondering around the tiny but fascinating building. 

"Its a mall, silly." I say grabbing his hand once again and leading him to Nandos. 

"NANDOS!!!! I WAS SO HUNGRY!" He smiles widely and I do too

"Same..I didn't eat breakfast," I admit.

"What? Why not?" he looks at me straight in the eye.

Oh yeah, well. Niall is kind of food obsessed, so skipping breakfast might seem a little crazy to him.

"I had no time. Nothing serious." I say " Its not god for you to skip though Zerry." He says. " I know, but that's why were here" I say with a smile and he gives me a playful nudge and smiles back.

After we're done eating, we still have about 30 minutes to waste. We wander around the mall passing stores,cell phone accesory carts, "live" performers (the kind with the little bucket for money(Niall threw in 5 dollars to everyone we passed))  We passed photo booths and candy shops and-

photo booths.


"Niall!" I say and grab his hand. I lead him toward the photo booth we just passed.

"Oh my gosh how did I not see this before!" He exclaims. We climb in and yes we do insert 5 dollars as the booth pleads.

Our first pose is me kissing his cheeck and of him putting his hand over his mouth and opening his eyes wide like hes surprised. We see it and crack up, casuing our second pose to be of us laughing. The camera got it right in time. The third pose is us looking confused because we didn't know what to do for the third picture and the last one, is legit perfect. Its me laying my head on his shoulder and him with his arm all the way around me trying to "choke" me.

We get out and laugh as we look at our pictures. This day was so perfect, it seemed like everyday in life would be just as perfect and like nothing could get worse and be painful or sad. I was going to be happy with Niall here again.

Only I was wrong.

It does get worse.

By alot.


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