Back For You

Zerenity Hamilton...she isn't the luckiest one around. Her dad abandonded her and her mom when she was pregent, and her mom died when she was she lives with her 30 year old aunt...who likes to go party. Things lighten up a bit when she gets paired up with Niall Horan, the new guy, for a school project, he seems nice...and awfully familiar...
Although Zerenity has been crushed with the cruelties of life...can Niall and his gang give her a better outlook?


2. A New Beginning

 *6 years later*

I wake up and have the moments of "where am i?" like you get when you sleep in a hotel or someplace far away. I sit up and remember that indeed I do live here, and I have lived here for 4 years. I'm just still not very used to the feeling of it, and probably never will be.

I get out of bed and I brush out my long golden waves. I hold up the ends, I died them pink a month ago, and they're fading slightly. I shrug and continue brushing. I look at my watch, school starts in 40 minutes. 

I figure I have time to pick out my outfit and take a shower. By the time I'm done, school starts in 20 minutes, so I quickly slip on some light blue skinny jeans and my Ed Sheeran T-shirt. 

When I pull into the school parking lot, notice my parking space is taken. MY parking space. The space I park in...everyday. 

"Fine!" I say to myself and I park two spaces down from my usual spot. As I walk in I glance at the car and realize that its not even a car I recognize...

We either got a new student or a new teacher. 

But which ever one it is, I probably WONT like them. 

As I walk in I try to look for someone new around the hallways...I don't notice anyone.

I walk into first period, the worst, algebra. "Good Morning" my teacher, Mr.Storm says nicely. "Totally." I say and l slouch down into my seat. I glance around. No new faces. Everyone who's always here is here. Annie. Destiny. Lincoln. Patrick. They're all here.

I open up my textbook to page whatever and start reading when I notice someone walking in. My head immediatly shoots up, I've been waiting for this new person all morning, considering they took my freaking parking spot!

Standing right in the doorway of Mr Storms room is the most beautiful creature I have EVER SEEN EVER. (also quite familiar looking) 

He has blonde hair spiked up a bit with a hint of brown and beautiful blue eyes. He stands perfectly and runs his hand thru his hair, probably a habit he does when he's nervous. 

Mr Storm places him beside me, I pretty much sit by myself, the closet person is Destiny and she's 2 seats away, which is quite far.

"Hello." he says, his beautiful voice flowing into my ears. "I'm Niall."

"Niall..." That name rings a bell. Or two. "I'm Zerenity." I respond

He looks at me with a spark, and suddenly that spark hits me too, and I feel a rush of emotions coming on. Happiness, I'm reuniting with  my best friend. Sadness, being with him brings back memories of so many bad things that happened back then.

Why is he here? He was supposed to be living in Mullingar still. We moved here to London. He didn't. He has no family here...SO WHY IS HE HERE?

Maybe this is for the better. Maybe we can start a new beginning here...without all of the death and depression there was before.

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