Back For You

Zerenity Hamilton...she isn't the luckiest one around. Her dad abandonded her and her mom when she was pregent, and her mom died when she was she lives with her 30 year old aunt...who likes to go party. Things lighten up a bit when she gets paired up with Niall Horan, the new guy, for a school project, he seems nice...and awfully familiar...
Although Zerenity has been crushed with the cruelties of life...can Niall and his gang give her a better outlook?


1. The Beginning and Start of it All

I run around, searching. Where could he have gone? I stand still and look around. The trees are too thin to hind behind and the branches probably couldn't support him, so he couldn't have climbed into one.
As I stand there, glancing around, a splash of water hits my back and I scream and turn around. There he is, standing there with a cheeky grin on his face and holding the garden hose.

I snatch the hose right out from his hands and spray him all over, until he somehow manages to grab it back. He squirts me again, and I tackle him, and we fight over the hose, causing us to both get wetter than we would have if I had just gave it to him.

 We giggle and laugh and it seems like there's nobody else in the world right now. I shut the hose off and we run around front and lay on the driveway. He takes his shirt off, but I'm a girl so I can't do that. I roll mine up to my bra, letting my stomach dry and my shorts. 

It was just a perfect day...we were wet and laughing an having a blast.

"Niall.." I say and look over at him laying there, his blue eyes shut tightly and his blonde hair so long its blowing in the slight wind.

"Zerenity?" He says, more like a question rather than how I said his name.

I don't respond, because I honestly have nothing to say. I just like his name, Niall. Its so great.

"Zerry?" He says again, this time calling me my nickname, Zerry.

"Nialler?" I say.

"What?" He says

"Hehe," I giggle. "Wanna go inside. We can play Guitar Hero."

"Okay! RACE YA!" he screams and runs inside

"Hey that's unfair!" i scream and run after him, laughing.

We're just two best friends...nothing can tear us apart. It's us against the world.

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