Good bye Amy!

Kingsdale school girl Amy left to move to Austraila friday 23 2012!


2. Our personal notes! Us to You!

Mr.Golding:Best of luck to the exciting journy ahead.

Ruby:Will miss you! Have a good time in Australia and you wont have anymore turds(joke) that we made.

Eleanor:Loads of luck! Bye,xxx Miss you!

Luke T: Have fun in Austraila! Good luck!

Luke W: Good luck, I'm sure Austraila will be cool!

Cyrone: Have fun in your new school.

Zeyna: Miss you lots Amy! Awwww! Darlin't. Have fun in your new school in Austraila!xx

Josh E: Have fun in your new school.

Zoe: Have fun! Will miss you.

Anukis: Get Auzzied-up Amy! He he LOL!x

Boaz: Good luck hope you enjoy Austraila.

Flynn: Bye LOL!

Tania: Good luck ill miss you!

Rebecca: Good luck hope you have fun at your new school in Austraila!

Delilah: Good luck Amy!

Daniel: Good luck.

Frankie: Hope you have a great time in Austraila! Will miss you loads! Good luck Amy!


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