Loving You Is My Goal

Loving you is my goal and to protect you. Keep you from all harm. Making you happy.


1. Loving You Is My Goal

Loving you is only my goal

Keeping you happy is my promise

My silent word will speak

As I look at you with my shut eyes


It has been a while since we talked

But I still remember everything

I hope your having a good day

I miss you and want you here with me


When I look into your beautiful eyes

I always see a shining light

And my heart is filled happiness


You have my love

You have my promise too

I will be yours till the very end


You are my sweetheart

You are my everything

You are the one I'm looking for


My love for you is unconditional

My love will never fade

My love for you has a meaning

So I say to you with all my heart

I am you's forever

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