Being Confused

The story is about Alysha, a young girl about 17 her dads a record artist and is the new manager of 5 British boys,find out what happens when Aalysha meets Harry,Liam,Zayn,Loui,and Niall!
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1. The Begining

Alysha Cooperman was one of the "popular" girls at school and she needed to make a stunning apearence this year. She had long blonde curly hair, big brown eyes almost a oranish color,
her body was slim and nicely rounded on her bottom, her chest area nicley sized also. Her dad worked as a record producer and her mom was a pianist at the "Lanleys Loft" ballroom. Her dad had been sent 5 boys from Britain, Niall,Liam,Loui,Harry,and Zayn. Alysha needed this day to be perfect cause it was the day the boys came from England.Kevin(Alysha's dad) went to the airport to bring the boys to the recording studio. Alysha was ready for school, she wore a black and white stripped shirt, some red shorts and a black and white bow to match. Her hair was placed perfectly in a ponytail which then she curled. She put on glittery red and white eye shadow with black fine eyeliner, then she put white mascre to make her eyes pop, on her lips she put just a nude color of cream. It was only 6:30 and she was ready for school, even thought school started at 8:00 for her. When her dad arrived at home she ran down stairs to greet him and the boys. The boys walked in the house through the garage door. Niall was the first to come inside her was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with creame colored skinny jeans his hair was put in the petfect way he always had it and in his ear was a bright diamond earing. Harry then came in he was wearing a button up plaid shirt, with regular jeans. Then Loui was he next one in he was wear a plaid blue and green and yellow shirt with regular skinny jeans. Then next came Zayn he was wearing a white button up shirt and cream colored skinny jeans.Then last was Liam he was wearing a black and white striped shirt and cream colored jeans. Ss they all walked in they saw Alysha standing the staircase, Niall smiled and his face was going plum red. After everyone came in Kevin came in greeted his daughter and told her to show the boys to their rooms.
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