Gotta Be You

Charlie, a 16 year old girl, has amazing friends. They all have everything in common. They all like the same sports, books, movies, stores.They also love One Direction.....except Charlie, but when the boys come to their school for a mini-concert, she begins to fall for one of the boys....and he begins to fall for her as well.


2. The Boys

     One Direction being at our school was what everyone was talking about. I'm about to explode. Maybe I shouldn't come to school the rest of the week.

     After fourth hour, I headed downstairs for lunch. On the way, I met Jenny.

     "I can't believe One Direction is gonna be here Friday." She said energized.

     "Jen, I've got to tell you something important." I take a long pause. "I don't care."

     I walk over to the steps and sat my back against the wall. Jenny took a seat with her back against the hall.

     "Jenny, Charlie, you guys are not going to believe who we just saw in the office." Demi shouted.

     "Let me guess, One-" I start.

     "One Direction!" Tara, Demi, and Courtney interupt at the same time. A few minutes later, they show up. Right in front of our group.

     "Hello Loves." The long, curly haired one said.

     "H-Hi Harry." Demi flustered.

     "Well, you know I'm Harry. This here is Louis, this is Zayn, the one stuffing his face is Niall, and this is Liam."

     "We know who you are." Courtney smiles.

     They kept staring at them for minutes. The boys kept looking back at one another.

     I sighed. "This is Jenny. That's Courtney and Tara, and this one is Demi. They're the ones that like you."

     "So, what's your name?" Louis asked.

     "Charlie, but no offense, I'm not really a fan of you guys." I tell. 

     "It's cool. We have people who don't like us. We understand." Louis explains.

     "Is it okay if we sit with ya'll?" Niall asked. It was kinda hard to understand what he said, but i figured it out.

     "Yes!" Tara cheered.

     The boys sat on the steps. It felt awkward knowing everyone was staring and whispering. The one I believe is Liam sat right beside me. He hasn't said a word. He was just sittin' there staring.

     "Your Liam, right?" I ask.

     He looks up at me, does a little half grin and chuckles. "Yes."

     "I heard about your break up. I'm sorry."

     He stares at me and then smiles. "It's okay, I think I'm, kinda over it."

     We smile at each other and look back at the others. I think they're getting better at treating them like students. It actually looked like we were all a group of friends. We talked about what we like and what we like to do. Every few seconds I would look over at Liam and catch him staring. We would just smile and look back. I then look over to see Niall eating a twinkie.  

     "Hey Niall, did you know that the twinkie company closed." I said.

     He stopped eating and started whining. "What? No. Impossible." He stands up and runs to the bathroom.

     "Opps. I didn't mean to do that. I didn't know he would get upset. I feel really bad now."

     They all just stare at me and then laugh.

     "It's fine. He just really loves food." Zayn tells laughing.

     He eventually comes back to the group, but by that time, the bell to go to class rings.

     "So, what do ya'll do when we're in class?" Jenny asked.

     "Go to class as well." Louis says.

     "Yeah we thought it would be fun. You know, get to meet people, act like normal students." Harry explains.

     "Really, do any of ya'll have History next?" I asked.

     "I do." Liam said, "Wanna walk together?"

     We walk to our class, talking about Friday and then somehow I get on the subject of me. He still stares at me. I hope he's just interested in what I have to say. I hope this doesn't mean anything. Atleast, I don't think I do.  


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