Gotta Be You

Charlie, a 16 year old girl, has amazing friends. They all have everything in common. They all like the same sports, books, movies, stores.They also love One Direction.....except Charlie, but when the boys come to their school for a mini-concert, she begins to fall for one of the boys....and he begins to fall for her as well.


1. The Announcement

     "Oh my God, Charlie, look." Demi yells across the hall as she enters the school.

     I look up from my Ipod to see her shoving a magazine in my face.

     "Why do i need to look at a magazine?"

     "Look, just...just look." She says with a smile so big she looks like the cat off Alice in Wonderland. I take the magazine out of her hands and start to scan it over.

     "Oh my God!" I yelled. I couldn't believe what I just read. How could this be.

     "I know right, wait why are sad this is good news." She asked confused.

     "Hostess, the company that makes twinkes, are closed." I say sadly.

     She yanks the magazine out of my hand and shows me the cover. "Liam?? You know from One Direction. Yeah, him and his girlfriend split."

     "Ohhh. Yeah I'm more interesed in the twinke deal." I yank the magazine back out of her hand and look for the page about the twinkes.

     "Besides," I look up. "I thought you like Harry?" I asked.

     "I do, but Liam's in One Direction. I mean, come on. Anything One Direction is interesting."

     By that time, Jenny and Tara both show up.

     "Oh my God. You guys won't believe what just happened." Demi exclaims.

     'There's not gonna be anymore twinkes!" I yell.

     "Will you quit thinking about twinkes. Liam Payne and his girlfriend broke up." There goes her cat smile again. They were all excited. Eventually, Courtney showed up and I guess she knew why they were excited because she was excited too.

     "See Charlie, you could be this enthusied if ony you liked One Direction." Demi said.

     "I don't get it though, none of you like Liam. Demi, you like Harry, Tara, you like Niall, Jenny, you like Louis, Courtney, you like Zayn, and me...wwell I don't like any of them."

     "Like I told you this morning, he's in One direction. He's single, so we're happy."

     "Whatever." I go back to listening to my Ipod while they talk about One Direction. I don't see the big deal about them.

     The bell finally rang to go to first hour. I turned my Ipod off and headed for Geometry.

     "Hey, are you okay?" Courtney asks.

     "Yes, but I just don't want to talk about them. I know ya'll like them so I just let ya'll talk." I walk away and head to my class. When I get to class, I take a seat at my desk and I pull out everything I need. A few minutes later teh tardy bell rings and everone takes a seat.

     "Good morning students." Principal Watson announced. I zoned out as soon as he said that. At the end, he says the most shocking announcement. "This Friday the school will throw a mini-concert during fifth through seventh hour. We will have a special guest preformin. This band will also be staying at this school till then. Hey, they may even chat with you, but they want to be treated like any normal student so if we find anyone circling them or let's just say not treating them like normal students, you will not get to see the concert. So the band that will play at the concert is." A long pause I was actually excited. I really want to know who's singing.

     "One Direction!"

     Well, there goes that excitement. Everyone, but me, was screaming. I think even guys were excited.


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