You were my first love

Harry fan fic
Lexi is moving to London for collage and modeling, will she meet her first love or will it all be a misunderstanding. Read to find out.


7. The one

Harry's POV
We laid on the bed just talking for ages until we drifted off to sleep. I woke up and checked the time, it read 9:00pm.I was a bit thirsty so I decided I would go down stairs. I slowly tried to get out of bed trying not to wake Lex up. I finally managed to get out without her waking up. I slowly crept down the stairs just incase the boys were there. I wanted to talk to them about it before it is in the news and magazines tomorrow. As I was walking down I noticed the boys in the lounge talking so I just actually walked past them. "Oh hey Harry", they all said at the same time. I just smiled and got a bottle of water out of the fridge. "So care to tell us what the hell you were doing this afternoon", Louis asked curious. I just went over and sat on the couch In between Liam and Louis which was the stupidest move ever. "Come on Harry, where were you last night, who was the girl and why were you's rushing like you's were getting chased by a lion?". Well we were getting chased by paparazzi", I told them. "But why were you running and you still didn't answer who the girl is and where is she right now anyway cause I never sore her leave"? I just looked down. "Harry, "you can't keep nothing from us", Niall said. "Fine, well you know how I told you about that girl I bumped into, well she was who I was with and we went to the beach last night and we fell asleep then in the morning paparazzi sore us and were taking pictures", I said still looking down. "And..", Louis said. "We'll she didn't know about the whole one direction thing". I told them. "Harry why didn't you tell her earlier"?Niall asked. "Well I didn't want her liking me cause I am a pop star, I wanted her to like me as just me". As I told them they were still a bit puzzled. "Now it gonna be everywhere and I don't want everyone to know yet", damn it why did I say that. ""About what Harry"? Louis asked. "Yer about what Harry?" Zayn chirped in. "Well.. Umm we're sorta going out now", I said stuttering. "That's great Hazza", they all said almost instantly. "But why don't you want people to know"?Zayn asked. "I don't want her whole life ruined just because she's dating a member of the biggest boy band", I said. "Awwww that's cute Harry". "Shut up Louis", I said while slapping him lightly. "Oh by the way, where is she now?" Louis asked. "Umm in my bed sleeping so could you guys plz keep it down", I told them sounding a bit motherish. "What ever", Niall yelled quietly. I started to walk off until I heard Louis call me. "Yes Louis". "I just wanted to tell you that it sounds to me that she has stollen our hazza's heart", he said a bit more serious now. "Yep she sure has Lou", I said while smiling at the ground. "We'll don't ever let her go Harry", he told
me like he was my parent. "I won't, she's the one Lou", I said looking at him now. That's the good thing about having Louis as a best friend, you can joke around with him but when you need to talk he will be there. "Anyway I gotta go Louis", I told him. "Okay and we will get Paul to cover it up tomorrow for ya", he said. "Yup", I said as I turned around to go back upstairs.

Lexi's POV
I woke up and realized Harry wasn't there so I got up and was about to walk down the stairs when I heard Harry talking to Louis. "We'll don't ever let her go Harry". "I won't, she's the one Lou". Those three simple words made my heart melt, he say I'm the one, a tear slipped out of my eye. I suddenly felt someone's shadow come across me, I knew straight away that it was Harry. "What's wrong babe", he asked as he sat down next to me. "You said I'm the one", I said while wiping away my tear. "Oh you heard that, well yer I do", he said rubbing the back of his neck. I looked up into his beautiful eyes and kissed him passionately. "Your the one Harry", I told him. He pulled me in for a hug. We got up and started walking back into his room hand in hand.
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