You were my first love

Harry fan fic
Lexi is moving to London for collage and modeling, will she meet her first love or will it all be a misunderstanding. Read to find out.


4. Perfect night

Lexi's POV
As I got home I decided to go on twitter considering that I had nothing better to do. I suddenly got a text from Harry, hey babe I was just wondering if you would like to go to the beach with me in about an hour. :) xx Hazza. I was a bit confused as to why he wanted to go to the beach at 9:30pm but I didn't mind I really wanted to see him again. To Hazza, couldn't you wait till tomorrow to see me ;) and yer sure I'll see you there in about 10. Xx Lex. As I sent it I went and got on my aqua coloured bikini on and chucked on some British flag printed short shorts and a light pink singlet.

Harry's POV
I got a message back almost instantly. couldn't you wait till tomorrow to see me ;) and yer sure I'll see you there in about 10. Xx Lex I replied to her saying to lex, how could I and yer sure see you soon :) xx Hazza. I quickly put on some board shorts and grabbed a towel and my keys and snuck out so the boys didn't see me and question me.

Lexi's POV
I got a message from Harry saying, how could I and yer sure see you soon :) xx so I decided to leave. I grabbed my towel and keys and headed out the door. When I got there I sore Harry sitting there looking at the ocean. I walked I front of him and watched as he turned to face me, The biggest smile was on his face. "Hello Mr styles" I said cheekily. "Why hello there lex". Harry stood up and we started walking along the beachfront.

Harry's POV
When I sore her there standing in front of me, the biggest smile grew on my face just seeing her. I got up an we started walking along the beach front. "So what are you going over here", I asked a bit curious. "Oh I'm here for collage and to do modeling as well". " soooo your here for good then"? I asked hopping she Would be. "You could say that", she said, YES this is gonna be great. We kept walking along the beach front talking for hours. Suddenly I felt something cold run down my back, I turned around and there she was with the biggest grin on her face. "OH YOU'RE GONNA BE SORRY" I yelled out. she started to run away so I chased after her. As I caught up to her I grabbed her waist and pulled her down into the water. "HARRY", she yelled while laughing. I told you that I would get you back did I not"? I asked her while laughing. "Well your revenge didn't have to be pulling me down into the water", she said. I looked at her with a huge grin on my face", "Harr..." I pulled her further out with me so we could no longer touch the ocean ground. We swam for ages just talking and getting to know each other more. I felt like I had known her for years. We decided to get out and dry off. We sat down on the sand next to each other just watching the waves crash on the water. I noticed that she was shivering so I wrapped my arms around her to keep her warm. We soon fell asleep in each others arms. It was perfect.
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