You were my first love

Harry fan fic
Lexi is moving to London for collage and modeling, will she meet her first love or will it all be a misunderstanding. Read to find out.


2. I'm so sorry

Lexi's pov
I grabbed my bags and headed to the car. It was a 2 hour drive to get to the airport so I decided to put the radio on and look through my Instagram feed.

~2 and a half hours later.

I am about to board my plane and all I have left to do is say my goodbyes which I am absolutely horrible at. "Bye mat (my brother) I will miss you heaps, a tear rolled down my cheek as I let do of him. "I will miss you big sis", "I'll miss you to bud". I hugged my mum, "ill miss you Lexi, I love you ". I waved to them as I got on my plane. I sat down and put my earphones in and grabbed my magazine to read.

"Plane to London has just landed. I hope you enjoyed your flight with us", they announced over the loud speaker. I got up and departed the plane. I grabbed my bags from the baggage claim and headed to the front to grab a taxi. As I walked out the door a tall boy with curly hair ran into me."oh my god I am so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going, I was trying t...", "it's fine really", I gave him a reassuring smile.

Harry's pov
Wow she is stunning, she just so perfect and an Australian accent TO DIE FOR!!. I had to find some way to meet her again so I thought I would ask her out for dinner. Wait I don't know her name. "I didn't quite catch your name before", I told her. "Oh my name is Lexi", she said and then smiled, wow her smile I am falling for this girl.. Hard. "And I'm Harry, Harry Styles " I told her hoping she wouldn't fan girl or anything. "So Lexi would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow night", I asked a bit worried she might say no. "Are you asking me on a date Styles" she asked cheekily. " Maybe" I said and gave her a wink. She giggled at my answer. "Well I don't usually go on dates with people I only just meet but your one of the kind Harry". Wow was she trying to kill me with her cuteness. "Okay ill pick you up 6:30 tomorrow then", I asked her. "Yer sounds great". We exchanged numbers and she gave me the address to the place she will be staying at. "See you tomorrow Lex, oh and by the way that's your new nickname", I said as I walked off.
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