You were my first love

Harry fan fic
Lexi is moving to London for collage and modeling, will she meet her first love or will it all be a misunderstanding. Read to find out.


3. Can't wait

Louis POV
We were starting to wonder what was taking Harry so long to get home until he came through the door. "Well well well where have you been Harry",I asked cheekily. "He knew strait away that I could tell just by looking at him so he ran up to his room and locked the door. "Harry your gonna have to come out some time sooner or later" I yelled out. I heard his window open and then a few minutes later shut. I knew exactly what he was doing. I ran outside and then I sore him, he was walking around to the back door. I decided that i would suprise him so I quickly went inside and ran to the back door. The door knob started to turn, "perfect timing" I whispered. He opened the door and I quickly grabbed his arm so he couldn't get away. "Damn it" he sighed as he realized he couldn't get out of telling me now. "Harry Edward Styles what happened", I looked at him as he started to turn away. Then it clicked."HARRY MET A GIRL", I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Sssshhhhh, Louis shut up" he whispered. I ran up to the lads. "Hey guess what lads"? I asked cheekily.
"Harry met a girl", Niall shouted out. I was a bit confused. "How do you know"? "Arh Lou you yelled it out of course we heard", Liam said. I felt a bit stupid but I just shrugged it off. "So Harry when are you gonna ask her on a date", I asked him cheekily. "Umm I don't know", he answered while looking down.

Harry's POV
I thought I would be smart and go out my window and in through the back door so Louis wouldn't be able to find me but of course he figured out what I was doing and he caught me at the door. I knew he would find out, he can tell just by looking at me. I was trying to get out of his grip but it failed. I took one look at him and he knew it, "HARRY MET A GIRL", he yelled out. I didn't want Paul to find out yet so I told him to shut up. He pushed me up the stairs and told the other boys. When he asked me when I was gonna ask her on a date I decided not to tell him that I already have so I just said I don't know and walked down stairs. I really didn't want to wait till tomorrow to see her again so decided to text her. To Lexi, hey babe I was just wondering if you would like to go to the beach with me. :) xx Hazza.
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