You were my first love

Harry fan fic
Lexi is moving to London for collage and modeling, will she meet her first love or will it all be a misunderstanding. Read to find out.


9. 5 days left

Harry's POV
After half an hour of talking to the boys i got a text from simon. Shit I forgot, I have to tell lex. I gestured to Lexi to meet me outside. I sat down on the bench across the road. I sore Lex coming, I can't believe I forgot. I covered my face with my hands as she walked up to me. Lex came up to me and sat down next to me. "What's up haz"?, she asked me. I just buried my face more into my hands.

Lexi's POV
As I walked outside I felt the strong breeze rush across my face, I could so get used to this. I started to look around to find Harry. I finally sore him on the other side of the road sitting on an old park bench. He looked really upset, I started to worry. I rushed over to him and he hid his face with his hands. This only made me worry more. "What's up haz"?, I asked him. He just buried his face more into his hands. "Harry what happened". "I.I.I. Hav.e too ggggoooo", he trembled. as soon as those words came out I remembered that they were going on tour. I just looked down and there was a couple of minutes of silence until I decided to break it. "When do you come back", I asked now extremely worried about his answer. "2months", he said nearly whispering. I just looked down at the ground again. "It'll be alright Harry", I said trying to comfort him. "It's 2 whole months Lex", he said while looking up into my eyes. His big blue/green eyes where filling with tears. I really didn't want him to leave but it his job, he has too. "When do you have to leave"?, I asked hoping it would give us time. "In 5 days", he said. Why does it have to be so early.
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