So Much For My Happy Ending

This is just a short poem I wrote about what it would feel like to live in poverty. So I hope you like it (: It is also on Wattpad so don't think I have copied it, it is officially mine :)


1. It all begins....

Painful screams of hunger

As the awareness of dying is close by

Red stains on my cheeks from crying

Water drops slid down my face and make their way to the floor

As I feel the wind hit my face it dries out my skin

From not having much water my lips crack

The sting from the water seeping through my skin

I feel the emptiness inside me

It feels like everything is just a dream and I would awake

In a warm bed and with a family, a family that would adore me and hold me tight when I have a nightmare

But it’s not a dream it real life

This cruel world took them from me.

My body has become numb

At least I’m still breathing

Cause one day I won’t wake up

And the darkness will take over me

I see a bright light up ahead and faint cries of agony

Is it my time to go, go to a better place than here?

I close my eyes, my chest moves in sync with my small breaths escaping from my mouth

The feeling of dying sounds much better then having to suffer every second of everyday

Trying to scavage for food, trying to find shelter and trying to find someone to love me

It will never happen in my life cause it is my time too leave now hungry, cold and alone.

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