It's extraordinHARRY

I don't know what to say about the story so.......Just read it and please tell me if it's good or not.


1. The bump

Gilian's P.O.V.

I got the worksheet that was given to me by my mistress. I walked out of the classroom and saw I had a....... perfect grade but Natalie Ziska the school's most 'famous and bitchiest bitch' you will ever meet. Saw your grade and:

"I could do better than you could ever do!" She yelled at me. And she started to get my stuff and throw it all over the floor, scattered.

Then a random guy started helping you, you haven't looked up yet. But when you do....... Right in front of you was Harry Styles - The hottest and one of the most popular guys in school.

You smiled at him as a thank you because you couldn't find the words to say.

"Here. My name is Harry. Harry Styles, by the way." He said smiling at me while handing me my stuff.

"I'm Gilian. Gilian Flores and Thanks!" I said nervously.

There was a short silence.......

"Well, I have to go... Your smile made my day!" Then he left without another word.

You smiled and whispered "Bye. Thanks for the help!" to yourself.


Author's note:

This is dedicated to my bestfriend, Gilian with the help of my 'cousin' Jammy.

x Yanz/DaIrishLovingGirl

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