This love worth fighting for?!

17 year old girl named Claire who has forever been friends with Harry yes the Harry from one direction she has never really told him her feelings for him she starts to doubt them when Harry starts hanging around another girl will she tell him or will she let him fall in love with another girl?


4. What a mess

Harry's POV

That girl was gonna get it I needed to make up a really good plan to get her back I know yes this will work

Claire's POV

As I got out of the shower I put some clothes on and OMG it was so cold mainly because it was winter but anyway I crept out of the bathroom and as quick as a flash I was on Harry's shoulders screaming like a girl HARRY PUT ME DOWN!!!! No your gonna go for a nice swim HARRY THE POOL WILL BE FREEZING all well you can't deal with it said Harry now at the edge if the pool Harry please put me down I said what did you say love said Harry throwing me into the water ARRRRR I scream as I land butt first into the water I thought I was going to die Harry I said starting to cry awwww Claire in so sorry said Harry giving me a hand to help me out of the pool I take my chance a pull his arm so he comes into the pool to HAHAHAHA I tricked you!!!! CLAIRE get over here now never I scream Harry pushes my up against the pool wall with our heads leaning on each Harry leans into kiss me his soft lips touch mine our lips move in perfect sync Harry pulls away and says I better cancel that date and winks

A/N should I keep on going?
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