This love worth fighting for?!

17 year old girl named Claire who has forever been friends with Harry yes the Harry from one direction she has never really told him her feelings for him she starts to doubt them when Harry starts hanging around another girl will she tell him or will she let him fall in love with another girl?


2. My feelings

Claire's POV

I woke up to the sound of Harry singing in my ear his voice was always so beautiful I smile at the thought of this. Do you want me to make you some breakfast love? Said Harry in a happy way why a you so happy I asked yawning oh it's just I found this really nice girl today siting by herself and we started talking and got to know each other and I I'm taking her on a date he said running down the stairs going into the kitchen to make me breakfast my heart sank Harry's going on a date with another girl I thought this made me want to cry but why did I want to cry?I should be happy for him I guess I have feelings for him

A/N hi guys should I keep on writing I don't think it's good
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