This love worth fighting for?!

17 year old girl named Claire who has forever been friends with Harry yes the Harry from one direction she has never really told him her feelings for him she starts to doubt them when Harry starts hanging around another girl will she tell him or will she let him fall in love with another girl?


6. Best friends of Harry

Claire's POV

I was still up against the pool wall making out with Harry when 4 guys jump in MY pool!! Me and Harry broke apart looking at them through the corner of my eye I could see Harry doing a face palm it took me a minute to realize who they were LOUIS NIALL ZAYN AND LIAM!! What the hell were they doing here Harry!!!! Get them out of my pool I saiid angrily c mon Claire it's so hot said Louis LOUIS IT'S WINTER I shouted starting to laugh then the four boys give me puppy eyes I gave in you can stay but go away I need to talk to Harry please?

A/N what do you think she will say to Harry?
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