This love worth fighting for?!

17 year old girl named Claire who has forever been friends with Harry yes the Harry from one direction she has never really told him her feelings for him she starts to doubt them when Harry starts hanging around another girl will she tell him or will she let him fall in love with another girl?


3. Awkward breakfast

Claire's POV

I was dreading to see Harry's happy face over this girl but I had to walk down the stairs at some time so I walked down the stairs really slow when I got to the bottom of the stairs I could here harry singing there new song c mon c mon
C mon c mon move a little closer now c mon c mon ain't no way of walking out c mon c mon show me what your all about YEAH I've been watching yo- oh hi love he said to me starting to blush haha don't worry about I said still laughing well I mad you pancakes said Harry still blushing thanks I chirped sooo I said Geting serious this girl? Harry chuckled to himself what? I said your jelly A/N for those who don't know jelly means jealous
I am not I screamed are to he said laughing on the ground well maybe I little I said blushing aww Claire's JELLY HARRY I screamed and threw my pancakes in his face and ran upstairs locked myself in the bathroom to have a shower your gonna get it when you come out said Harry evily

A/N next chapter done and no one has read my story yet ok this story sucks:(
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